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  • redirect any post, page, category, tag or custom URL to a new, internal or external URL
  • full URL cloaking support
  • built-in statistics for redirect rules
  • 100% SEO and referral links friendly
  • wildcard character (*) support for super-easy URL matching
  • works with and without permalinks
  • native WP GUI with in-line help
  • per-post options for easy rules editing
  • import & export redirect rules

Online demo, examples and documentation


v1.30 - October 25th, 2017
* big update
* a lot of things rewritten
* added rules import/export

v1.25 - December 23rd 2012
* WP v3.5 upgrade

v1.2 - December 23rd 2011
* WP v3.3 upgrade

v1.1 - June 29th 2011
* full URL cloaking support added
* minor bug fixes

v1.0 - June 21st 2011
* initial release

5sec Redirect - 1



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