Blog Layout Grid for WordPress is a simple plugin that allows you to create blog posts with our widget or in the shortcode. There is a wide variety of post types and layouts included in the plugin.

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Advanced Posts Grid for WordPress - 1

Advanced Posts Grid for WordPress - 2

Advanced Posts Grid for WordPress - 3

  • Advanced Posts Grid for WordPress - 4 Display Related Posts based on author, categories, tags and date.
  • Advanced Posts Grid for WordPress - 5 Display Posts using pagination, lazy loading, or date range. Just provide Start and End Date.
  • Advanced Posts Grid for WordPress - 6 Display Posts between a certain date range. Just provide Start and End Date. You can display today, current week, last week, this month and last month posts. You can display posts published in last N Days, if the predefined options are not suitable for you.
  • Advanced Posts Grid for WordPress - 7Display Posts based on custom fields conditions. You can create equal to, not equal to, greater than, greater than or equal to, less than, less than or equal to, LIKE, NOT LIKE, IN, NOT IN condition easily. Ability to apply multiple conditions together as well.
  • Advanced Posts Grid for WordPress - 8 Display Posts listing in a carousel and totally customizable from the backend.
  • Advanced Posts Grid for WordPress - 9 Fully supports all custom post types added by your own programming or using plugins. Filter posts by custom posts type, taxonomies and Terms.
  • Decide how many posts you want to display in posts listing.
  • Set Posts offset to skip first N posts in posts listing.
  • Order by Title.
  • Order by Post Published Date.
  • Order by Last Modified Date.
  • Order by # of comments on the post.
  • Order by author name.
  • You can display posts in random orders as well for better search engine indexing.
  • Choose ascending or descending order.
  • Display posts that have featured images assigned. Useful feature for design consistency.
  • Ignore Sticky Posts in your filtered posts listing.
  • Filter Posts by author. You can choose multiple authors at once as well.
  • Filter Posts by Categories. You can choose multiple categories.
  • Filter Posts by Post Formats.
  • Filter Posts by Post IDs. You can enter commas to separate multiple posts IDs.
  • Exclude certain posts by post ID in your posts listing. A useful feature to skip some posts.
  • Exclude posts by author.
  • Exclude posts from a category. You can skip posts of multiple categories as well.
  • Get posts published in current week.
  • Get Posts published in last week.
  • Get Posts published today.
  • Get Posts published yesterday.
  • Get Posts published in this month.
  • Get Posts published in last month.
  • Get future Posts of next month.
  • Get future Posts of next week.
  • Get future posts of tomorrow.
  • Get future posts of next n days.
  • Display posts listing in one of many ready-made designs.
  • Choose one or multiple rules to apply on your posts listing.
  • You can hide title in posts listing.
  • Link/Unlink title to the post url.
  • Decide html element in which you want to display posts title. Useful feature to fit things in your own design.
  • Hide Content in posts listing.
  • You can wrap content in own HTML element. Useful in implementation of schema.org.
  • Show full or excerpt of the post.
  • Decide how many characters you want to display if excerpt setting selected.
  • Render shortcode used in posts content.
  • Show/Hide featured image in your posts listing.
  • Link featured image to the post.
  • Setup height & width of the Featured Image.
  • Choose Size of the thumbnail. Available sizes – thumbnail, medium, large and top.
  • Decide position of the featured image. Available options – Top, Left and Right.
  • Show/Hide ‘read more’ link.
  • Display own unique ‘read more’ label.
  • Show/Hide date in your posts listing.
  • Decide format of the date in easy to use interface.
  • Modify date wrapper according to your needs.
  • Show/Hide author in posts listing.
  • Link author name to author url. Useful for internal link building.
  • Display author display name, first name, last name or nice name.
  • Show/Hide comments count in posts listing.
  • Link comments count to comments page and redirect user to comments listing.
  • Show/Hide categories.
  • Link category name to category link.
  • Category wrapper to apply your own HTML to category listing.
  • Show/Hide tags in posts listing.
  • Enable/Disable tags name to tags link.
  • Use a tag’s wrapper to apply your own HTML to tags listing.
    Enable/Disable Pagination in your posts listing.
  • Decide how many posts you want to display on a page.
  • Supported custom posts type. Works with post types created using plugins or your own programming.
  • Filter by taxonomies. Supports unlimited taxonomies.
  • Filter Posts by term names. You can setup hierarchy between custom posts types, taxonomies and terms.
  • Filter Posts by custom dates. Just choose a Start & End Date.
  • Filter Posts by last N days.
  • Filter posts by custom field name and their value. This is a very useful feature and you don’t need to worry about programming.
  • Combine multiple custom fields condition together to build complex queries.
  • 8 Beautiful Post designs.
  • Ability to open post title read more, thumbnail, category link, tag link & author link in a new tab.
  • Setup default featured image if no feature image is available for the post.
  • Display Posts in grid. You can display posts in Single Column, 2 Columns, 3 Columns, 4 Columns, 5 Columns & 6 Columns.
  • Grid is fully responsive.
  • Apply lazy loading on the posts listing. Implement ‘Load More’ feature to fetch next page posts listing using ajax.
  • Display Posts in Carousel. You can control carousel using backend settings according to your needs.
  • Widget Supported.
  • Display Carousel listing in widget.
  • Display ‘Load More’ pagination in widget.
  • Multi-site Supported.
  • Multi-lingual using .po file.

Advanced Posts Grid for WordPress - 10

Assured Customer Service

Advanced Posts Grid for WordPress - 11

Developer Friendly

This plugin has lots of inbuilt settings in the backend. If you’re missing anything, you can use following hooks to extend functionality of this plugin.

  • wpp_layout_modifier – Apply your own html template on posts grid. View sample code.
  • wpp_posts_data – Display your own custom placeholder in posts grid. View sample code.
  • wpp_thumbnail_html – Modify featured image markup. View sample code.
  • wpp_date_icon – Change or hide date icon in grid.
  • wpp_author_icon – Change author icon in grid.
  • wpp_comments_icon – Change comments icon in grid.

Refund Policy

As a developer, we understand that sometimes you pick up a wrong product which doesn’t fit with your requirement. We’re introducing “one click refund policy” to refund you back if you’re not 100% satisfied with the product.

100% satisfaction or refund

Advanced Posts Grid for WordPress - 12 Change Log

Version 3.1.5

- Fix - PHP 7 Compatible issue fixed.

Version 3.1.4

- Fix - Display 'Posts Excerpt' is fixed on blog listing.

Version 3.1.3

- New - Infinite Scroll is available on mouse wheel.
- New - Setup # of posts to display for load more and infinite scroll.
- Fix - Broken div issue is resolved for both pagination and 3 columns layout.
- Improvement - UI is updated.

Version 3.1.2

     - Fix - Pagination was not working on the home page.
        - Fix - Lazy loading was not working.

Version 3.1.1

     -New - Display Related Posts based on author, categories, tags, and date.
        -New - Show future N Days Posts.
        -New - UI changed to choose categories & authors.

Version 3.1

- Fix - Display categories with posts in the rules. 
- New - Ability to display tomorrow's Posts. 
- New - Ability to display next week's Posts. 
- New - Ability to display next month's Posts.

Version 3.0.4

- Fix - Pagination was not working due to offset is equal to 0. 

Version 3.0.3

- Auto Update notification in the backend. 

Version 3.0.2

- CSS Grid issue fixed. 
- wpp_posts_listing was showing in the widget area is fixed. 

Version 3.0.1

- Rules & Layout were not saved.

Version 3.0.0

- More awesome filters added. 
- Folder & Files structure is changed. 
- More layouts
- Carousel Supported
- Load More functionality added. 

Version 2.2.5

-Bug : Added missing "read more ..." text in  .po file and frontend updated.

Version 2.2.4

-New Feature : Ability to List Posts published during last N days.
-New Feature :  Ability to Filter Posts by Date Range.

Version 2.2.3

-New Feature : Ability to Filter Posts using Custom Fields. Ability to add multiple conditions or group of conditions.
-Improvement : Removed all warnings when WP DEBUG is TRUE.
-Bugs : Taxonomies Selection issue for Custom Post Types.
-Bugs : Listing of Layouts and Rules in WordPress 4.2
-Security - Handled add_query_arg and remove_query_arg according to latest security updates from wordpress.org.

Version 2.2.2

-New Feature : Ability to decide Posts Offset.
-New Feature : Ability to Turn On/Off Pagination using layout.
-Bugs : Fix Filter by Thumbnail Image issue.

Version 2.1.0

-Pagination Supported

Version 2.0

-Ability to create own layout.

-Ability to modify existing layout.

-More options to create a rule

-Display custom fields in the post listing.

-Attractive admin interface.


Advanced Posts Grid for WordPress - 13 Suggestions

All current customers and future customers are encouraged to send us features they want to see in the next version. We’re very passionate about this product and are dedicated to making it valuable for everyone.

Advanced Posts Grid for WordPress - 14

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