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Ajax Multi Upload for WordPress - 4Latest Version: 31.03.2017 – v3.2. Check the changelog

Ajax Multi Upload for WordPress is a file upload WordPress plugin based on jQuery. It can be very easy implemented with simple [ajax_multi_upload] shortcode.

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Install this plugin exactly as demo


  • Upload Single Or Multiple Files Via Ajax,
  • Resize Images,
  • Create Image Thumbnail (With Keep The Image Aspect Ratio),
  • Upload Files Into WordPress Gallery, So They Can Be Managed,
  • Easy Integration With Forms,
  • Manage Form submissions via admin area,
  • Submitting Form By Using Ajax,
  • Create Any Number Of Thumbnails Under One Upload,
  • Customizable Paths To Thumbnails Folders,
  • Customizable Thumbnails Sizes And Dimensions,
  • Pass Custom Data,
  • Files Extension Filters,
  • File Size Limit For Uploading,
  • Limit Number Of Uploading Files,
  • Auto Upload / Upload On Button Click / Upload On Form Submit,
  • Custom Upload Button,
  • Upload Statistics,
  • And More…

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31.03.2017 – v3.2

  • Minor code fixes.

24.03.2017 – v3.1

  • Email send function changed to wp_mail() (phpMailer script removed).
  • Language files added.
  • Minor code fixes.
--- new files ---
--- removed directories ---

08.04.2014 – v3.0

  • Admin area form submission manager.
  • New parameters for form integration: saveData, postType, attachImages, sendEmail, filesMin, requiredFields.

09.11.2012 – v2.1

  • Fix for ‘not showing thumbnails’ issue for small images.

16.10.2012 – v2.0

  • Security improvements. ‘path’ parameter is no longer available. Files by default are uploaded into WordPress media gallery.

20.03.2012 – v1.1

  • MAC OS support for displaying thumbnails added.
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