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The Alien Logo Reveal project is a classic epic sci-fi and horror theme. This minimal surreal project was Inspired by the Contact, X-Files, Independence Day, Star Wars, Space Odyssey, Prometheus, Interstellar, The Signal and the Frederik Pohl books, for example: the Gateway and the Beyond the Blue Event Horizon, Area 51, The Arrival, Roswell UFO incident. Maybe this species is looks like “heechee” But this extraterrestrial has only three fingers in his arms.


This unique opener also work with text, the Alien character face and hand is pre-render:Alien Logo Reveal - 1

This project good for Movie openers, Gorgeous Game intros, Blockbuster Trailers, impressive Teasers, Strange Short films, Incredible Arrive Promos, UFO Fan clubs, Weird Home videos, Marketing campaigns, Event promotion, Presentation for a project website or business, Special events, Treasure advertising, Commercial projects, Sell your idea, Promo sales and so on… I hope all horror and sci-fi fan like this creepy film

The body, arm, finger and the volume effect pre-render layers:
Alien Logo Reveal - 2

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Very easy to edit!

No plugins required!

Video Tutorial and help pdf included!

Music is not included but can be easily purchased and downloaded at the followings. iJozsi – Ancient Alien (only 2 dollars)Link



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