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Audio Spectrum Music Visualizer AE Template


   Audio React Tunnel Music Visualizer - 1      Audio React Tunnel Music Visualizer - 2


These music visualization templates are perfect for making a music video with abstract audio reactive visuals. You can use them to promote your music on YouTube, Vimeo or any other video service.

This project includes 4 music visualizer templates. Each of these templates includes 10 color presets. You can switch the provided color presets in one click or you can set up custom colors in a few clicks. All the animations are driven by your sound, no keyframes. No third-party plugins are required (Optical Flares are pre-rendered). Cycore (CC) plugins which comes with After Effects have to be installed.


The Auto-Setup script automates the template setup process. It does all the tedious work on a project preparation for rendering.

Audio React Tunnel Music Visualizer - 3

Essentially, all you have to do is to import your music and image files, start the script, type in your texts, select the images you want to use as a logo or background, and press the Apply button. Here you go! All the assets are placed where they belong. The output module is set up and ready for rendering. No need to waste your time anymore!


Audio React Music Visualizer Review

Audio React Music Visualizer Review

Audio React Music Visualizer Review


These templates are optimized for fast rendering, but they include some performance demanding effects, such as Lens Blur. Therefore, each template has a 720p version, which renders 3 times faster than 1080p version. Render times in the table below are obtained on an average laptop with the following specs: Core i7-3630QM, 16 GB RAM, SSD, Windows 8.

SoundVisible Audio React Tunnel Music Visualizer Render Time

Important: This project renders up to 3 times faster with multiprocessing. Since Adobe removed this feature from After Effects CC 2015, I recommend you to use one of the previous versions (CS6 – CC 2014). You can install one of them right from Creative Cloud: https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/help/download-install-app.html#topic-3


  • 4 music visualizer templates
  • 10 color presets for each template
  • The template setup process automated with the Auto-Setup script
  • Placeholder for your logo or cover art
  • Placeholder for a background image or video
  • Duration up to 60 minutes
  • Compatible with After Effects CS6 or above
  • Detailed PDF user guide is included
  • Detailed video tutorial on YouTube
  • No third-party plugins are required
  • Universalized expressions (works with all language versions of After Effects)
  • Well organized project
  • Quick and easy customization
  • Ready to render in HD 1080p, HD 720p

If you have any concerns about the number of videos you’re allowed to render using this template check this section of the license FAQ.


Version 1.4 released on 29 April 2019:

New: Compatibility with the latest version of After Effects (v.16.1)
   - The Exposure effect settings updated to give the same result as in the earlier versions
New: The latest version of the Auto-Setup script (v.2.00)
   - Apply any available output module template or create a new one
   - Advanced output folder setup (project location, music location, manual)
   - Add to AME render queue (available in CC 2017 and above)
   - Save script preferences on exit/refresh
   - Mute a video if it's used as a background
   - Use a video file as a music source
   - Frame rate setup (if supported by a template)
   - Some minor bugs were fixed
   - The SoundVisible output module templates with higher bitrates (previous templates should be removed manually)

Version 1.3 released on 13 March 2017:

New: The 720p version is added (3 times faster rendering than 1080p version)
New: The template setup process automated with the Auto-Setup script

Version 1.2 released on 11 August 2015:

New: The template duration extended to 60 min

Version 1.1 released on 23 July 2015:

Fix: Minor expression bugs

Version 1.0 released on 07 July 2015:

Initial release

COLOR PRESETS PREVIEW (click to open the full HD preview)

Color Preset - Juke Box
Color Preset -Neon
Color Preset - Matrix
Color Preset - Ultraviolet
Color Preset - Inferno
Color Preset - Heaven
Color Preset - Lemonade
Color Preset - Sunshine
Color Preset - Steel
Color Preset - Forest Sun


The music by Marxmen_Xtreme is not included, but you can purchase this track here.



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