Important: This plugin is an add-on that requires the Bookly PRO installed and activated. View Bookly PRO page at Codecanyon.

Keep your appointments in sync between Bookly Calendar and Outlook Calendar!
Bookly Outlook Calendar add-on enables a full bidirectional synchronization which makes it easy to schedule, view and manage appointments in both calendars. Bookings made via Bookly will be instantly copied to your Outlook Calendar and new events, updates and cancellations from Outlook Calendar will be immediately reflected in Bookly.


  • Automatically sync all calendar data and any updates between two calendars;
  • Select from 3 sync modes to meet your requirements;
  • Specify how much of appointments history you wish to sync;
  • Configure what kind of info will be displayed in Outlook Calendar event using different shortcodes for the event title, appointment section and customer section.

Easily set up and use the Bookly Outlook Calendar add-on with our detailed documentation.



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