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Chameleon – HTML5 Video Player w/ Identical Flash Backup

HTML5 Video is one of the coolest new features of HTML5. However, Internet Explorer doesn’t offer the fullscreen experience that we’re all used to, and if you want to use HTML5 video in Firefox, you have to create additional videos because it doesn’t support the mp4 file type.

Chameleon solves these important challenges with its intuitive Flash backup. When a browser can’t go fullscreen, the Flash backup is used. And if you don’t want to create additional video files just for Firefox, Chamelon gives you the option to use the Flash backup instead.

Features Include

  • Two skins to choose from, both light and dark.
  • Built with 100% CSS, and icon fonts. This means retina display love for your MacBook Pro.
  • Chameleon is 100% responsive and automatically ready to be dropped into a responsive website.
  • Custom built right click menu that includes an optional copyright link.
  • Optional Social Icons so users can share your video.
  • Time-status bubble so viewers can skip ahead to that important part of the video.

Attention to Detail

  • Videos are added to your web page via iFrame, just like Youtube and Vimeo. This means super easy installation and also eliminates the possibility for jQuery conflicts.
  • Preview poster image for both HTML5 and Flash versions.
  • Scrub the video with hold-and-drag functionality.
  • Custom built CSS3 preloader.


Special Notes

  • The video shown is for preview purposes only and is not included in the download source
  • Mobile devices will always switch to the device’s default video player.
  • Autoplay functionality on mobile devices is specific to the device.
  • Because iframes are used, the video player’s source files must exist on the same domain as your web-page (no cross-domain communication)
  • Videos will preload automatically. If you need the video to not preload, check out this FAQ
  • The WordPress version of this product can be purchased here.

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