Corporate Hit - 1
Corporate Hit - 2Corporate Hit - 3Corporate Hit - 4Corporate Hit - 5

Corporate Hit - 6

“Corporate Hit” (contain THREE variations)

Corporate Hit - 7

It’s a corporate positive track, powerful and easy listening themes. Catchy melody, interesting, uplifting arrangement and an inspiring overall vibe.

Good suitable for: background music, tv, commercials, advertising, corporate videos, presentations, any slideshows, web videos, makings of, info-graphics, documentaries, featurettes, photography production, happy family commercial, corporate presentation, motivational projects, radio podcast, emotional tv ads, triumphant videos, inspirational promo, soaring and hopeful web production, business radio show, background music for motivational speech.

Comes both in wav and mp3 formats. Thank you for all of your support! I hope this track will be your favourite

First variation: Main theme with smooth begining, catchy muted guitar, gentle background and loud end. Duration – 2:44

Second variation: Calm, more softly theme with additional harmony. Duration – 2:43

Third variation: It’s a very light, “ambient” and very gentle background version without drums section. This is track perfect for any inspirational, ambient, smooth and uplifting projects! Duration – 2:09

For your help you can see a promo video with this music :

https://youtu.be/Haj3exqSTqg (self window)

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Corporate Hit - 18

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