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Dramatic Trailer opens with exciting arpeggiated cellos and violas, as it quickly begins to build, evolving with beautiful orchestral overtones and strong cinematic percussion. The intertwining strings and expanding rhythms start to draw you in a powerful way as the excitement grows stronger. Soon, all systems are go as you’re swept away into the bold and triumphant main theme featuring a full cinematic Orchestra and Choir.

Although composed as a trailer music track, this track has lots of applications for inspirational purposes as well. I’ve also included an additional version of the track without the main melodic theme. This version can be more effective for visuals needing the music to be a little less obtrusive, still supplying an exciting and epic music bed, while blending into the background a little more effectively.

So included in the zip is as follows:

  • Dramatic Trailer (Full Version) – 3:00, WAV+MP3
  • Dramatic Trailer (No Main Theme) – 3:00, WAV+MP3

Thanks for listening and purchasing!

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Dramatic Trailer - 6

Dramatic Trailer - 7

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