Energetic Uplifting Motivational Epic Victory - 1

Epic Victory is an energetic uplifting and powerful orchestral track with a positive and heroic tone to give motivation and inspire bravery; featuring piano, strings, brass, powerful percussions and sound design elements such as raisers, whooshes, booms and downers.

Perfect for: sport videos, GoPro videos, corporate presentations, films, short films, trailers, video games, documentaries and any other project that needs a big and epic sounding track to inspire strength and courage.

The zip contains the following 5 versions:

  • Epic Victory (short 2) – 1:27
  • Epic Victory – 2:16
  • Epic Victory (short 1) – 1:48
  • Epic Victory (short 3) – 1:07
  • Epic Victory (30sec) – 0:29
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