DGB Engrave action kit – That’s a tool to easily turn a photo into stylized engraving. Although this process is very simple, please read the manual to avoid mistakes. DGB Engrave action kit has been tested on Photoshop CS4, CS5 & CS3 (Thanks for J).

Video tutorial:
In Photoshop:
1. Load graver.atn to the Photoshop action panel.
2. Open graver-source.psd file.
3. Open your image.
4. Place your image into the graver-source document. (drag&drop or copy&paste).
5. Adjust size and position of the image.
6. Make sure the selected (active) layer is your image.
Select any of the of 7 scripts. Run an action!
Note. When the Curves or Hue-Saturation dialog appears, simply click OK and continue with the script. Do NOT interrupt the action!

graver-Normal – A black and white touches of approximately the same contrast as an original.
graver-Light – A black and white touches lighter than an original.
graver-Dark – A black and white touches darker than an original.
graver-Color-Image – A black and white touches with background image as an original.
graver-Color-Lines – A colored touches in colors of an original.
graver-Color-Back – A black and white touches and solid background color (editable in layers).
graver-Color-Solid-Lines – A colored touches.




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