Now with the Revolution Slider 5.0!

Flare is a Responsive WordPress Theme with Unlimited colors made for your Business/Corporate website, Portfolio, or Blog.
It’s flexible, you can customize it with the powerful admin panel, which gives total control over many major aspects of your website.

Key features

  • Change the size of the slider with theme options without touching the code
  • Change image sizes with theme options without touching the code
  • Custom Post Types for Works and FlexSliders
  • Special custom taxonomy – Relation Tags – to relate various content
  • 60+ shortcodes and Shortcode Generator
  • 10+ Custom Widgets
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Ready for translation (contains .po/.mo files)
  • Documentation Included
  • Demo content included
  • PSD files included
  • HTML5 ready
  • Child Theme support
  • Video support through lightbox
  • Audio support

Style control

  • Style independently all 6 theme areas: preheader, header, precontent, content, prefooter, footer

Work Showcase

  • Custom post type
  • Custom taxonomies: work categories, work tags
  • Different templates for displaying work index | archive pages with display control over template components
  • 5 templates for displaying a single work with display control over template components
  • Work related shortcodes: recent_works, popular_works, related_works, custom_works
  • Work related widgets: recent works, popular works, related works, custom works

Blog with massive functionality

  • 2 templates for displaying post index | archive pages with display control over template components
  • 2 templates for displaying a single post with display control over template components
  • Post related shortcodes: recent_posts, popular_posts, related_posts, custom_posts
  • Post related widgets: recent posts, popular_posts, related posts, custom posts
  • Support for nested comments

Other features

  • Support for splitted and password protected pages
  • Add tracking code through theme options
  • Contact form through shortcode or widget – no more special pages for contact form, place it wherever you want even multiple times
  • Social media links
  • No text as graphics
  • Enable/disable font replacement
  • Enable/disable breadcrumbs
  • Define logo, favicon and apple touch icon
  • Enable/disable search form in the header
  • Enable/disable sliding top panel (the preheader)

Client Testimonials

Cheers mate, this theme is absolutely amazing. It looks fantastic and is easily customizable to a great extent, so 5 stars and thumbs up. Hope to see more themes from you soon:-)

Flare is superb, it is a quality theme and is so impressive. I have no hesitation in recommending it to everyone. Support from Michael is exceptional – if only every Envato author was as helpful and attentive to their customers! Flare is easily a five star product – I cannot recommend it highly enough. Buy it now – you will not regret it!

It’s been great working with this theme. Michael goes above and beyond to help his customers. It’s important to recognize the good authors that produce quality work and provide awesome support!

Just wanted to send you a HUGE Thank you! This is the most rockin’ theme we have ever worked with.

This is the best theme I’ve ever used! Awesome functions, shortcodes, easy to use and fantastic support! I felt in love with this theme, awesome work dude !

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Update History

VERSION 2.0.4 – Minor update, 27 August 2015

# NEW - Revolution Slider upgraded to the latest version (
# NEW - PHP 5.4+ compatibility

VERSION 2.0.3 – Minor update, 28 July 2015

# NEW - WP 4.3 compatibility
# NEW - Revolution Slider upgraded to the latest version (4.6.93)

VERSION 2.0.2 – Minor update, 17 June 2015

# NEW - prettyPhoto upgraded to 3.1.6 to protect against XSS vulnerabilities

VERSION 2.0.1 – Minor update, 5 September 2014

# NEW - compatible with WP 4.0
# NEW - Revolution Slider 4.6 (upgraded)
# NEW - support for child theme javascript modifications

# Improved - "Category Archives:" prefix removed

# Fixed - tabs on WooCommerce single product page
# Fixed - option "don't link" for alternative linking

VERSION 2.0.0 – Major update, 10 January 2014

# NEW - Revolution Slider included
# NEW - compatible with WP 3.8

# Improved - better handling of the precontent theme area
# Improved - focus on searchbox

# Fixed - WPML page duplication
# Fixed - added missing phrases for translation
# Fixed - tabs conflict with the Visual Composer
# Fixed - login logo cutoff

VERSION 1.6.0 – Major update, 19 June 2013

# NEW - Instagram feed
# NEW - Full width post single template
# NEW - Twitter API switched to version 1.1 (from now on authorization is needed)

# Improved - autoplay control for sliders
# Improved - custom sidebar on posts archive page
# Improved - empty images alts replaced with proper values
# Improved - now isotope filter can be selected using a url hash
# Improved - block WP from adding extra p tags to the precontent
# Improved - prettyPhoto can be easily disabled
# Improved - handle WP "more" tag

# Fixed - correct breadcrumbs when blog is a homepage
# Fixed - responsive menu not showing current page
# Fixed - "Comment is waiting for moderations" text hidden under gravatar icon (css fix)
# Fixed - deleting slides in IE9
# Fixed - br tags to new line characters conversion for text mode
# Fixed - "divider" type option for headings shortcodes

VERSION 1.5.0 – Major update, 24 December 2012

# NEW - compatible with WP 3.5

# Improved - sidebar sub-menu indenatation added
# Improved - shortcode generator now avaliable in HTML mode
# Improved - contant form refactored
# Improved - [twitter] shortocode - api url changed
# Improved - drop-down arrows for a multi-level menu

# Fixed - relation tags don't work for custom post types
# Fixed - work rewrite slug doesn't work
# Fixed - hit menu twice on ipad
# Fixed - safari page flickering
# Fixed - Before & After fix for IE7
# Fixed - Before & After fix for touch devices
# Fixed - Empty tooltip removed for thumbnails opened in a lightbox

VERSION 1.4.0 – Major update, 1 October 2012

# NEW - MediaBox - additional type for displaying only the featured media
# NEW - [divider] shortcode - additional types (help, ladybug, vinyl)

# Improved - [twitter] shortcode - time zone support
# Improved - FlexSlider - alt attribute for images
# Improved - Back To Top link - smooth scroll instead of a "big jump" 
# Improved - Comments - trackbacks and pings support 

# Fixed - MediaBox:FlexSlider - images are not blurry anymore
# Fixed - MediaBox - an image with the "Alternate Link" is not broken anymore
# Fixed - WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast - the home page meta title is not overwritten anymore 
# Fixed - Apple Touch Icon - works OK
# Fixed - WP  shortcode -the align attribute works OK
# Fixed - login logo - the logo image is not stretched anymore

VERSION 1.3.1 – Minor update, 18 July 2012

# Improved - [progress_bar] shortcode. New attributes: bg_color and text_color

# Fixed - iPad|iPhone hover issue. Resolved
# Fixed - language file. "Go to:" phrase was added
# Fixed - Custom widgets. "list_one_twelth" now works OK
# Fixed - lightbox_group for featured media. Now you can create groups <img src="/images/smileys/happy.png" alt=" :)" title=" :)" />
# Fixed - footer columns. Now every column is 47.5% wide
# Fixed - Breadcrumbs. Parent categories are now included
# Fixed - Breadcrumbs. Archive pages work OK
# Fixed - preheader. Client request - only the preheader after the content (in the source code) is moved to the top
# Fixed - IE7, IE8 custom colors. Works OK

VERSION 1.3.0 – Major update 6 June, 2012

# NEW - integration with WPML Plugin

# Fixed - breadcrumbs displays post type archive title correctly
# Fixed - Work Index Page can be home page as well

VERSION 1.2.0 – Major update, 11 May 2012

# NEW - Print stylesheet
# NEW - page template "Left Nav + Left Sidebar" 
# NEW - page template "Right Nav + Right Sidebar" 
# NEW - "Top" link added to the footer theme area, plus a theme option to show|hide it
# NEW - Pinterest icon added to the Feeds.

# Improved - CSS. Various elements were updated for better consistency
# Improved - Featured media. Attachment caption can be used in a lightbox.
# Improved - Featured media. Attachment description can be used in a lightbox.
# Improved - Precontent logic. It's faster and without an extra load.
# Improved - [fluid_wrapper] shortcode. The "width" and "height" attributes are available.
# Improved - [feeds] shortcode. Now it handles empty feeds correctly.

# Fixed - [divider] shortcode. Fancy kite looks OK.
# Fixed - FlexSlider. The Slider Manager works OK with WPMU.
# Fixed - custom 404 pages works OK.
# Fixed - YouTube player shows controls OK.
# Fixed - BTP Custom Works Widget. list_one_twelth is now available as a template choice
# Fixed - BTP Popular Works Widget. list_one_twelth is now available as a template choice
# Fixed - BTP Recent Works Widget. list_one_twelth is now available as a template choice
# Fixed - BTP Related Works Widget. list_one_twelth is now available as a template choice
# Fixed - [before_after] shortcode. The "width" and "height" attributes work OK.
# Fixed - entry navigation (previous, back, next) works OK when the home page is the blog page
# Fixed - [message] shortcode. CSS rule typo.
# Fixed - Text logo looks exactly the same on every page.
# Fixed - Search widget is visible even when the searchbox in the header theme area is hidden.

VERSION 1.1.0 – Major update, 16 April 2012

# NEW - filterable templates for the works section.
# NEW - change font-sizes from the Theme Options panel.
# NEW - enable|disable feeds in the header theme area from the Theme Options panel.
# NEW - subheading shortcode instead of skipping heading level, like h1 before h3 (better for SEO).

# Improved - now logo is inside h1 tag only on the homepage ( better for SEO).
# Improved - main.css. More comments, better organization.
# Improved - custom menus. Now you can disable a link by setting the "no-link" as menu item class.

# Fixed - menu locations. PrimaryNavigationMenu, SecondaryNavigationMenu and FooterNavigationMenu don't overwrite other menus anymore.
# Fixed - about author section. Display control works OK.
# Fixed - post archives. Display control works OK.
# Fixed - frame shortcode. The "lightbox_group" attribute is now present in the Shortcode Generator.
# Fixed - frame shortcode. The "board" type in the Shortcode Generator works OK.
# Fixed - GravityForms conflict. The "FlexSliders" menu item is always visible.
# Fixed - single.php. Fixed & improved.
# Fixed - archive.php. Fixed & improved.
# Fixed - index.php. Fixed & improved.

VERSION 1.0.2 – Minor update

# fancy dividers - new types (origami, music, hand and of course ufo)
# documentation - updated

VERSION 1.0.1 – Minor update

# page snippets from the Shortcode Generator - fixed white space issues
# updated editor-style.css

VERSION 1.0.0, 27 March 2012

# Initial release
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