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An easy-to-use CSS Mega Menu with both vertical and horizontal implementations. Unlimited possible sub menus with CSS 3 transitions giving you a javascript-like menu with only CSS! Create your own colour schemes in only 5 lines of code – all code is heavily commented.

Has options for displaying lists in single columns or double width columns as well as other variations for displaying products with prices and images.

Practically limitless possibilities enabling you to have everything you need in a menu system. All transitions can be viewed in Google Chrome 4/5/6/7 and Safari 4/5 as well as Firefox 4 (beta) and IE 9 (beta).
Menu displays perfectly fine in older browsers including IE 7 and 8, Firefox 2 and 3, Opera, Chrome 5,6 and 7.

Update 18th February 2011: Added new colour schemes and improved documentation to show you how to create your own colour schemes with ease.

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