What’s new in Gecko 4?

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Whatever you’re selling, Gecko is the only Shopify theme you’ll need to create a powerful online store that checks all your boxes and offers your customers the most seamless shopping experience. Offering modern design and minimalist feel with a range of specialist demos, Gecko is designed for an array of different online retailers. Display your products in style and make it easy for your customers to browse, choose and purchase.

Gecko is jam-packed with incredible features, and with endless options and unmatched versatility, you can create a store that suits your needs, is in-line with your brand and exceeds your expectations in a matter of clicks.

Easy, innovative and affordable – it doesn’t get better than Gecko.

We are happy to introduce Gecko – The BEST Shopify Theme

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With over 2500 sales in just one year, Gecko has held a firm position in the list of most popular Shopify themes and is a Top 10 Bestselling Theme of all time. With endless features and customization options, you’ll find everything you need to create the store of your dreams.

Gecko’s features include:

Responsive and retina-ready design

Whatever device your website is viewed on, Gecko will ensure your store looks and functions perfectly. This includes meeting the parameters and dimensions of that device without interrupting the user’s experience and without needing any further input from you or your developer.

More than fifteen stunning demos to choose from

Gecko is equipped with more than fifteen purpose-built demos that all include a range of impressive features and eye-catching designs. You can import the demo quickly thanks to our one-click install and then add your content and publishing in minutes.

A powerful built-in theme options panel

Gecko’s built-in theme options panel includes drag-and-drop functionality which makes it even easier for you to customize your store and access additional features and functions such as Mailchimp and Instagram Shop. You’ll be able to make all the adjustments and updates you like without touching a single line of code.

Straightforward shortcode page

Show off your product grid, product slider and masonry images anywhere you like with Gecko’s simple and user-friendly shortcode page.

Showstopping Lookbook

Showcase your fashion or announce new lines and collections in the most eye-catching way with Gecko’s Lookbook. The stunning Lookbook allows you to include information on items as well as spotlight sales points for your brand’s best outfits.

Easy font customization

Get access to multiple fonts with Google Fonts or install Fontify to easily customize your fonts.

Innovative Instagram shop

Take advantage of Instagram – the best place to discover fashion trends. With Instagram Shop, you can automatically include your Instagram feed on your website. This is a great way to modernize your site and increase click-throughs as well as social shares, likes and views.

Versatile product layouts

Don’t be restricted by standard product detail layouts. Gecko includes a range of flexible options that give you the ability to showcase your products in a way that suits you best. Choose whether your thumbnails are displayed on the left, right or bottom of a listing or use the Sticky feature to keep your product detail where it is when scrolling.

Innovative Ajax Filters

Give your visitors the most seamless experience with filters powered by Ajax. Ajax filters mean your pages won’t need to refresh or reload when search parameters are changed. Customers can change multiple filter types in a few simple clicks and once they’ve applied the filter, the products will update fluidly.

Ongoing Updates

We constantly work hard to deliver ongoing updates that deliver new features and fix any bugs so that you’re always getting the best out of Gecko.

Track your accurate profit and costs with TrueProfit.

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TrueProfit integrates with Shopify, Facebook, Google to auto pull in revenue and ad spends, while allowing you to enter product costs, shipping costs, transaction fees and other expenses. Enter code THE4 to get an extended 44-day free trial (normally 14 days).

Theme features

Gecko’s countless features include:

  • Ryviu – Powerful free review app
  • Multi-Purpose Design
  • Ajax Mailchimp
  • Calculate Free Shipping Thresholds
  • Ajax tab
  • Google ’s rich product snippets
  • Cookies laws info
  • Add to cart sticky
  • Stock Countdown
  • Easy to Import Demo Config
  • Auto currency
  • Product Grouped
  • Unlimited variant image
  • 20+ available home page layouts
  • Multiple Page Styles
  • Social Sharing Features
  • Responsive Design
  • Unlimited Colors & Layouts
  • Unique Homepage Layouts: More Amazing Concepts Are Coming Soon!
  • Fully Responsive (Tested on Multiple Devices)
  • Modern & Clean Design
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Tableless Design
  • Ajax Product Filter Support
  • Wishlist Support
  • Compare Support
  • Quick View Support
  • Zoom Magnifier Support
  • Currency Switcher Support
  • Mega Menu
  • Sticky Menu
  • Powerful Theme Options
  • Validate HTML5 Code
  • Unlimited Different Headers & Footers
  • Elegant Animations
  • 500+ Google Fonts with Preview Capability
  • Flat Design Style
  • Grid Or List View
  • Nice Rollover Effect For Products View
  • Images With jQuery Inner Zoom
  • Ajax: Add To Cart, Wishlist and Compare
  • Clean Block Cart Module
  • And much more


Image Sources

Note: All images are just used for Preview Purpose Only. They are not part of the theme and NOT included in the final purchase files.

Change Log

03/04/2020: Released version 4.1
- ADDED: Home Phone case
- ADDED: New option for variable price
10/02/2020: Released version 4.0
- ADDED: Home Fashion
- ADDED: Home Fashion 2
- ADDED: Home Kids
- ADDED: Home Pets
- ADDED: Home Yoga
- ADDED: Home New Organic
- ADDED: Home Garden Parallax
- ADDED: New Header layouts
- ADDED: New import demo method
- ADDED: New header icon
- ADDED: SVG logo supported
- ADDED: New tab style
- ADDED: 3 new banner sections
- FIXED: Instagram issue
- FIXED: Error Add to cart
- FIXED: Show JS code in the header
11/28/2019: Released version 3.1
- UPDATED: Disable variant in default
- Multi-currency checkout
- ADDED: the same countdown in all products
11/13/2019: Released version 3.0.1
- UPDATED: Nice lazyload animation
- UPDATE: New Ryviu integrated
- UPDATED: Implement Structured Data for Google & Facebook merchant (JSON LD)
- FIXED: Some small CSS issue
09/09/2019: Released version 3.0
- ADDED: Home Technical
- ADDED: Home Jewelry
- ADDED: Home Perfume
07/31/2019: Released version 2.4
- FIXED: Small Quickview issue
- FIXED: Small Sticky Add To Cart issue
- UPDATED: Improve Catalog mode
- ADDED: Integrated Okendo app review
- ADDED: Add loading animation
- ADDED: Implement Slider section (Allow config font size)
05/18/2019: Released version 2.3
- ADD NEW HOME: Home Modern
05/18/2019: Released version 2.2
- ADD NEW HOME: Outdoor Store
- INTEGRATED Loox review app
04/08/2019: Released version 2.1
- ADDED NEW HOME: Watches Store
04/03/2019: Released version 2.0.7
- ADDED: setting back to top button
- FIXED: Instagram does not show in the sidebar
- FIXED: Small popup upsell issue
03/05/2019: Released version 2.0.6
- ADD NEW FEATURES: Image Instagram ratio settings
- FIXED: Small parallax issue
- FIXED: Small page contact issue
02/15/2018: Released version 2.0.5
- UPDATE: Widget login sidebar
- FIXED: Small Instagram feed issue
- FIXED: Small swatch issue 
01/12/2018: Released version 2.0.4
- UPDATE: Agree to terms and conditions newsletter (GDPR compliant)
- FIXED: Currency conversion Visitor
01/19/2019: Released version 2.0.3
- ADDED: NEW FEATURE - Ajax change quantity in cart page
- ADDED: NEW FEATURE - Add flag currency
- ADDED: NEW FEATURE - Image ratio settings
- UPDATE: settings color, height slideshow section
- FIXED: Quickview small issue
12/21/2018: Released version 2.0.2
- ADDED: NEW FEATURE - 2 sticky add to cart layouts
- FIXED: variant issue
- FIXED: Top header text not change
12/12/2018: Released version 2.0
- ADDED: NEW FEATURE - Falling snow effect
- ADDED: NEW FEATURE - Spin jackpot Newlester
- ADDED: NEW FEATURE - Prevent copy
- ADDED: NEW FEATURE - Update Product Related
- TWEAK: JS optimize
08/27/2018: Released version 1.6
- FIXED: Optimize code for Product suggest
- FIXED: Error shipping js in product page
- ADDED: NEW FEATURE - Swatch radio
08/14/2018: Released version 1.5
- Optimize some JS
- UPDATE: Setting change date/time format (gecko_setting.liquid)
- TWEAK: lazy load image zoom effect
- FIXED: Estimate time issue
- FIXED: some small issues
07/12/2018: Released version 1.4
- Optimize code for Product Page
- FIXED: some small issue
- More stable
07/02/2018: Released version 1.3.4
- FIXED: Google Map issue
- UPDATE: Document
05/18/2018: Released version 1.3.3
- FIXED: active account issue
05/10/2018: Released version 1.3.2
- FIXED: variant issue
05/07/2018: Released version 1.3.1
- ADDED: NEW FEATURE - Style css variant sold out
- ADDED: NEW FEATURE - Product page settings remove sold out 
- ADDED: Enable or Disable background overlay slideshow 
- FIXED: Error js in safari 9.1.2
- FIXED: Error js product load more
- FIXED: Error cart page agree to terms and conditions
04/28/2018: Released version 1.3
- ADDED: NEW FEATURE - 1 Click import demo (check our document)
- ADDED: NEW FEATURE - Product Page settings Equal Size IMG
- ADDED: NEW FEATURE - Product Quickview Settings Equal Size IMG
- ADDED: NEW FEATURE - Product Page Settings First Available variant
- ADDED: NEW FEATURE - First Available variant
- ADDED: NEW VERSION - Cosmetic Store
- ADDED: Mobile Menu js
04/18/2018: Released version 1.2.1
- ADDED: One click checkout (Dynamic checkout button)
- ADDED: Full width Add To Cart option
- UPDATED: De language pack
04/13/2018: Released version 1.2
- ADDED: NEW FEATURE - Style Swatch
- ADDED: NEW FEATURE - Upsell Shipping by auto detected customers's country
- ADDED: NEW FEATURE - Product Shipping Tab
- ADDED: NEW FEATURE - Product Delivery
- ADDED: NEW FEATURE - Collection Countdown
- ADDED: NEW FEATURE - Age Vertification
- ADDED: NEW FEATURE - Catalog Mode Real Time
04/02/2018: Released version 1.1.3
- FIXED: gift-wrapping,Special instructions for seller
- ADDED: Gift message to your order page
- ADDED: Footer settings Payment icons
- ADDED: Settings enable/disable block filter
- FIXED: Small CSS issues
04/01/2018: Released version 1.1.2
- UPDATED: German translation (Thank Bjoern Kieras)
03/30/2018: Released version 1.1.1
- ADDED: Shipping rates calculator width map
- ADDED: Favicon Counter
- ADDED: Gift-wrap option to your cart page
- FIXED: Filter by tag
03/22/2018: Released version 1.1
- ADDED: NEW VERSION - Home fashion 13
- ADDED: NEW VERSION - Home fashion 14
- ADDED: Product pre-orders
- FIXED: Small promo popup issue
- FIXED: Small swatch issue
03/20/2018: Released version 1.0.1
- UPDATED: Font icon for megamenu
- UPDATED: Section store information
- UPDATED: Static banner template
- UPDATED: Product Instagram tag
- FIXED: Checked agree issue
- FIXED: Suggest product issue
- FIXED: Stock countdown issue
- FIXED: Some small CSS issue
03/16/2018: Released version 1.0.0
- You need to read the instruction in the documentation folder
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