Google Fonts Pro is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to instantly access over 600 of Google’s Web Fonts with power and ease. You can take full control over the font and typography used on your site in a matter of minuets! No more worrying about updating your plugins or themes for new fonts, Google Fonts Pro updates it’s font list automatically!

Google Web Fonts for WordPress - 1


  • Works with over 600 Google Web Font APIs. You will never need another font plugin again!
  • Uses the new Google WebFonts API – Auto Updates the plugin with the latest list of Fonts right from Google. No more waiting for plugin updates for new fonts!
  • Create customized font rules via the beautiful built in settings panel
  • Applies CSS directly meaning your fonts will work on any theme!
  • One click, no bulls@@t installation. Just upload and activate
  • Supports font varients such as light, regular, bold, itallic, bold itallic etc.
  • Pick and choose fonts with a easy to use drop down menu!
  • Ever expanding font list – The plugins core will be regularly updated with new fonts as Google roles them out.
  • Include Google Fonts Pro in your ThemeForest themes! *Extended license required.


Tyler , this is such an awesome plugin , just like the rest off your work!

– akoetsier

Awesome job on this, 5 stars from me!

– weblusive

Great job Tyler!

– mordauk


* Version 2.0.0 ( Uploaded 13/12/2012 )
- Now grabs updated list from Google Web Fonts
- Auto updates font list
- Preview system fixed
- Added font selection and custom CSS for A tags

* Version 1.2.0 ( Uploaded 7/11/2011 )
- Now supports 211 fonts

* Version 1.1.0 ( Uploaded 5/23/2011 )
- Custom CSS has now been added for each font selection.


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