This extension integrates Groups with Gravity Forms. It allows to add users to groups automatically, based on form submissions.


You must have Gravity Forms 1.8.x or higher and the Groups plugin installed and activated on your WordPress site. Some of the integration features require Gravity Forms Add-Ons which are only available to those who have a Gravity Forms Developer license.


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A new Groups settings section is provided for each form, where automatic group membership assignments can be determined.

Groups Gravity Forms Form Settings

Group Memberships based on Form Submissions

  • Add users who submit a form to one or more groups
  • Add users to groups based on a form field

For each form, one or more groups can be chosen that a user who submit the form will be added to.

A form field can be used to determine which groups the user will be added to.

Group Memberships for Form Submissions

Group Memberships for User Registrations

This feature requires the Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On. Please note that this Add-On requires a Gravity Forms Developer license.

When a visitor registers through a form, the user can automatically be added to one ore more groups.

Group Memberships for User Registrations

Group Memberships for Payments

This feature requires a Gravity Forms Payment Add-On. Please note that these Add-Ons usually require a Gravity Forms Developer license.

When a payment has been made, the user is added to one or more groups. If the payment is reverted/refunded, the user is removed from those groups.

User registrations with related payments can also be handled (this requires the Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On).

Group Memberships for Payments


  • Support for Subscriptions is to be considered in beta/experimental stage. This is mainly due to the fact that subscription expirations are based on incoming IPNs and that these do not necessarily correspond to the actual end of term of a subscription.
  • PayPal Pro subscriptions are not recognized as expired.
  • The PayPal Payments Pro gateway is not ‘officially’ supported as exhaustive testing has yet to be performed with this extension using the gateway.


See the Documentation pages for Groups Gravity Forms.


Please visit the Demo site.



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