Happy Ukulele - 1

“Happy Clappy” the original happy clappy track is a fun, happy,uplifting and light hearted track featuring ukulele, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, real hand clapping, kazoo, and human whistling. It has charm and innocence and does not take it’s self too seriously.

This track is very much designed with the modern trend in advertising in mind which uses the charmingly simple sounds of ukulele, hand claps, whistling, the resulting track here would be ideal for advertising, web backgrounds, apps, games etc but this style has a broad appeal so the sky is your limit!

This track represents fantastic value, the zip contains high quality WAV and MP3 versions of the following full tracks and variations:

1. Full Track- Duration: 1:42
2. Full Track Without Whistle Or Kazoo- Duration: 1.42
3. Verse/Chorus Loop- Duration: 0:35 ( Section 0:48-1:23 of full track)

4. Verse/Chorus Loop Without Whistle Or Kazoo- Duration: 0:35 ( Section 0:48-1:23 of no whistle/kazoo ful length track)

The preview contains the full track followed by the full track without whistle/kazoo.

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