Hi-tech Transformer logo – opener witch modern sounddesign robotic FX. sound effects simulate in detail the transformation. Provides an interface open anergy sounds and other high transformers opener and technological content. Hi-Tech Transformer Logo – This energy boost and a massive explosion of modern sound design logo. This is the future opening of your interfaces, robotics logo, glitch opener, scientific energy balls and future logo. a Modern logo transformers and digital transformation logo. Similar to the charge before firing the laser logo. Here you will hear the noise of robotics and robotic glitch transformers, sound interface logo effects energy plasma interface and digital data. The transformation of the future opener interface in your video is a great logo for your powerful futuristic solutions and opener of innovative video design. Digital dynamic transformation and the future of hi-tech interface logo.

Two version:

1. High-Tech Transforming Logo

2.The main logo file

2. Hi-Tech Logo Reveal 02 versoin – Special version
for VideoHive project “Hi-Tech Logo Reveal 02”
This version is optimized in tempo for this project, full synchronization.

High-Tech Transforming Logo 2 - 1

An example of using this track:

Impuls Boost
Impuls Boost
Impuls Boost
Impuls Boost
Impuls Boost
Impuls Boost

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