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The most complete and best ever built Popup plugin! With more than 100 features, you can create so many types of popups.

The Smart PopUp plugin has a key feature, the targeted audition. Don’t display the popup for everybody and anytime, be smart and pick your audience.

Out of the “Load Page Popups” you can set the popups on exit page or when the user clicks on a button. Also, FaceBook and Google Maps popups are now available.

Be Smart and build your own Smart Popup!

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What is Smart PopUp for WordPress?

Indeed Smart PopUp for WordPress is a great plugin that will allow you to create unlimited popUps with a friendly user interface. You will then be able to use the shortcode or PHP code in your content items (posts, pages) or templates.

Some PopUp examples:

  • Banner PopUp
  • Subscription PopUp
  • FaceBook Like PopUp
  • Photo Slider PopUp
  • Google Maps PopUp
  • Form PopUp
  • Exit Page PopUp
  • Leave the page PopUp
  • onClick PopUp
  • Scrolling PopUp
  • Video PopUp
  • HTML Content PopUp
  • Delayed PopUp
  • AutoClose PopUp
  • Locker PopUp
  • Cookies Inform PopUp
  • Advertising PopUp

With over 100 options grouped in 9 sections this plugin will allow you to create fully customized popUps.

You can set each element in absolute values (number of pixels) or relative values (% based on relevant element).

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The idea behind this plugin was to create a really useful tool for people that have a real interest in their audience and one of the most important feature of this plugin is the ability to filter though the visitors and only be displayed to the targeted audience. For example you can select to display the popUp only to unregistered users, or only to first time visitors. You can imagine that making such decisions requires some kind of information about the visit and the visitor to be stored, so you even have this information available in the admin section.

If you want to be super aggressive with your popUps you can hide the close button and disable the escape key and mouse click outside of the popUp and make the visitor watch the message for the duration you set.

You can see more on Plugin Website Page: http://wpindeed.com

New Items Release

Indeed Smart PopUp for WordPress - 16

Indeed Smart PopUp for WordPress - 17

Indeed Smart PopUp for WordPress - 18

Indeed Smart PopUp for WordPress - 19

Indeed Smart PopUp for WordPress - 20

Indeed Smart PopUp for WordPress - 21

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Indeed Smart PopUp for WordPress - 23

In the Future…

This plugin is already in use on some of our regular clients websites and we know that the next think they want is to have a nice preview system for the templates. As far as we are concerned this is the next feature we want to include, if you have any suggestions please let us know.


If you want to use this plugin, all you need to do is install WordPress 3.5+, and install the plugin.


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Update Log:

Version 4.8

- Fix Aweber OptIn Connection
- Improve WP MultiSite workflow
- Performance improvements
- Update Slider carousel library
- Compatibility with WP 4.8.x

Version 4.7

- WP Dashboard improvements
- Fix texts and labels.

Version 4.6

- Improve "Leave the Page" 
- Improve DashBoard Plugin
- ADD Home Summary Page
- "Popup Under" AddOn ready

Version 4.5

- Fix ShortCode Permalink issue
- Improve Export Subscription Results
- Improve Codes

Version 4.4

- Improvement workflow
- Extensions ready

Version 4.3

- Fix ShortCode Loop
- Add "Click on Page" Open Event

Version 4.2

- Fix Cookies IE compatibility

Version 4.1

- Fix "Don't Show" Feature
- Improvements View Pages Manage
- Fix No PopUp list
- Improvements Content Option

Version 4.0

- Improvements Design Dashboard
- Improvements Coding
- Improvements DB Structure
- Improvements One Show Popup Feature
- Improvements "Don't Show Again" Popup Feature
- Improvements using "ShortCode" inside Popup
- Improvements "Preview" 

Version 3.0

- Cookies Improvements

Version 2.9

- Improved FaceBook LikeBox PopUp

Version 2.8

- Update FaceBook LikeBox PopUp Loading
- Fix No. of Views
- Fix Add new Template page on FireFox

Version 2.7

- Main core code improvement

Version 2.6

- Add FaceBook LikeBox PopUp
- Add Google Maps PopUp
- Improve admin interface

Version 2.5

- Add Slider Multi Image Popup

Version 2.4

- Improve Time Scheduling Feature

Version 2.3

- Add Form Builder PopUp
- Add Templates
- Fix IFrame Border

Version 2.2

- Style PopUp Improvements

Version 2.1

- Fix Admin MultiSite Menu
- Improve JS PopUp Content
- Fix Iframe Border None

Version 2.0

- New Core Rewrited
- User Session Features
- User Refferes Features
- User Location
- New jQuery PopUp Effects
- PopUp Position Wrapper
- Add PopUp Time Management
- Fix Bugs Show In

Version 1.9

- Improve Admin Manage PopUps Interface

Version 1.8

- Add Show In Section

Version 1.7

- Old WordPress versions Compatibility
- First Time PopUp Visit Reset Time Feature
- Select Users Device
- Add PopUp Mobile Features
- Add Close on Mobile Click feature 

Version 1.5

- Fix JavaScript PopUp Content 


  • OwlCarousel
  • ckEditor
  • jQuery Flot
  • jQuery vMap
  • jQuery UI TimePicker
  • jQuery UI DatePicker
  • ColorPicker
  • iCheck JS
  • Bootstrap
  • FontAwesome
  • Glyphicons
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