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Inspiring Cinematic Motivational Trailer - 1

Theatrical, playful, uplifting and filled with a positive emotional vibe complimented by
elegant staccato , elevated by the drama only strings can bring to music. Oozing with heart
and warmth and swimming in melody this track will engage your audience when you need to
connect a narrative through audio for your next project.
An mid tempo orchestral track that drives with a gentle but urgent sense of momentum
without being to pacey, it has a timeless feel that would settle in beautifully as a drama
opener , a backing track to a photography video , a gorgeous piece for a wedding movie ,
showreel , advertising and much more.
Sophisticated, uplifting, bright and bold sounds that fill the audio spectrum with a sense of
drama and triumph.

Track Features

Featuring elegant and simple piano notes and chords that are punctuated by drums and
accented by soothing cellos and violins before breaking back down to take the listener on a
complete journey from beginning to end.
The track has plenty of breathing space , crescendos and breakdowns for dynamic tension to
isolate instruments giving you creative freedom to mix it to suit your needs.
There are three versions included measuring in time 2 mins 13 sec, and two one minute files.
This will aid you to quickly set up the perfect audio track for your project.

Inspiring Cinematic Trailer is the perfect stock audio file for…

● Videos
● TV Commercials
● Advertising
● YouTube Channels
● Stings
● Teasers
● Pilots
● Corporate Work
● Showreels
● Social Media projects
● Slideshows


With the flexible licensing options on AudioJungle , we are sure there is a license to suit your
need. Just take a look at the Music Licenses page here to make sure you get the right one for
your project.


ALEX_ BESSS creates original, high fidelity, high quality Stock Audio & Royalty Free music
across a wide range of styles for use any type of project. His music is Exclusive To AudioJungle
on Envato Market.
He specializes in professionally produced audio tracks that are perfect for a wide variety of
In his Portfolio you will find all the Epic, Inspire, Piano, Hybrid, Rock and other stock audio
files you’ll ever need.
While you’re here why not browse my Portfolio
(put this above your selection of other tracks to preview)
Thanks for visiting, you’ve been listening to ALEX_BESSS !

Inspiring Cinematic Motivational Trailer - 2

5 versions are included:

Trailer - Full Version - 2:57 
Trailer - Powerful Version Blockbuster - 1:59 
Trailer - Short version - 1:32 
Trailer - One minute version - 1:01 
Trailer - Teaser Version - 0:47 

Track perfectly emphasizes the nature of the video trailer, click on the image to view a projects with this music!

Inspiring Cinematic Motivational Trailer - 3

Inspiring Cinematic Motivational Trailer - 4

Inspiring Cinematic Motivational Trailer - 5

Inspiring Cinematic Motivational Trailer - 6

Inspiring Cinematic Motivational Trailer - 7

Inspiring Cinematic Motivational Trailer - 8

Inspiring Cinematic Motivational Trailer - 9

Cinematic Showreel

Inspiring Cinematic Motivational Trailer - 10

Epic Showreel

Inspiring Cinematic Motivational Trailer - 11

Inspiring Cinematic Motivational Trailer - 12

In News Projects

Inspiring Cinematic Motivational Trailer - 13

Promote your upcoming projects, trailer for games or cinematic trailerss with this high quality track made by ALEX_BESSS. This epic composition was especially designed for this purpose. With a straight build up to an epic climax, this track covers it all in order to boost your promotional needs to the fullest!
For those kind of boring times in movies, tv or games, when nothing is going on but you want it to sound epic. Be it a dialogue scene, a montage type scene, or something similar, this track is sure to liven up your project and make things feel and sound, grand with it?s short string staccatos, thunderous percussion and powerful horns. Good for trailers, openers, teasers and over commercial projects.

In this music, mixed a variety of emotions! Here there is also the heroism and inspiration, and the victory, and the epic notes for your trailer ! This is one of my best work! And I hope that this cinematic trailer and you will enjoy!

Don?t forget to stop by my profile for more great production tracks!


Thank you for supporting our work!

Inspiring Cinematic Motivational Trailer - 14

Good for action and adventures, background. This cinematic trailer is brave and heroic track, good for dramatic ending, energetic epic,moments of hope and inspiring, intro, military, motivation, patriotic, score, trailer, triumphant, video game.

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