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– Due to changes at AudioJungle, this track had to be re-edited. The song now features up to date mastering, better sounds and a fully working real choir! Because this had to be updated, this does not come with the OLD Intense Cinematic Intro. If you would like to download the old Intense Cinematic Intro, please get in contact with me as I am no longer able to provide it through AudioJungle

To those who have already purchased Intense Cinematic Intro, you can re-download this file to get the updated track. Again, if anyone is interested in downloading the old version, please contact me via my profile page.

A very intense over the top cinematic orchestral intro/ rise for trailers or battles.

The composition features staccato and spicato violins, harsh brass, epic dhols, heavy snare drums, large cymbals, distant choir, intense epic toms, anvils and other various metal hits.

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Intense Cinematic Intro – 1:20 (MP3)
Intense Cinematic Intro – 1:20 (WAV)

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Cinematic Stormy Trailer
Wedding Intro
Action Sports 3
Convergence Trailer

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Light Cinematic Theme
Epic Bombastic Intro
Dramatic Modern Trailer

Please contact me via email if you need this peice modified to your specifications. I’d be happy to do so!

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