Interactive World Map – Clickable Continents / Cities

The interactive template of the world map gives you an easy way to install and customize a professional looking interactive world map with 6 clickable continents, plus an option to add unlimited number of clickable pins anywhere on the map, then embed the map in your website and link each continent/city to any webpage.

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    • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) based, responsive and fully resizable.
    • Continents can be customized independently (colors, link, hover information, activate/deactivate, etc).
    • Add unlimited number of clickable pins anywhere on the map.
    • You can link each continent/pin to any webpage or open a modal window.
      Note: The modal window option works only with Bootstrap framework, if you are not sure or if you don’t know how to use it, you need to ask your website template / WordPress theme provider.
    • Easily customized through simple JavaScript files ( JavaScript knowledge is not required ).
    • The map consists of HTML/CSS/JS files. Also include installable WordPress plugin zip file and customized by manual editing of simple JavaScript files (NO JavaScript knowledge required).
    • You can embed as many maps as you want in the same website in different pages, (for WordPress you can install up to 3 instances of the map plugin).

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Interactive World Map With Cities - 1

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