TuneUp your :

  • Photographs
  • Design Elements
  • Icons
  • Avatars
  • Photo Manipulations
  • Wallpapers
  • … And simply everything with a lifelong lights collection !

This huge resource includes :

  • Strokes
  • Motions
  • Waves
  • SpotLights
  • Sparks
  • Flames
  • Fire
  • Starbursts
  • Thunders


This is not Pay & Go ! Get inspired instead.

Proud to announce this is yet-only creative light effects collection in the market with the ability to customize and peoduce art upon your preference, talents and skills. Your art is unique and not seen anywhere else.
it’s not only a simple flat light archive. It’s intended to be a great help for common users, designers and digital artists. all of the effects are editable layer-Folders , named conveniently.


This pack includes:

– 8 High-Res Starburst Lights( 3000×3000 )

Lifetime Light ( Effects Collection ) - 1
Edit bits ! Simply change light frequency, sizes, colors, angles and blending options to create your dreamy lights.

– Hundreds of light stokes and motions ( Optimized for Dark/White backgrounds , with/without color hues )

Lifetime Light ( Effects Collection ) - 2
Use them as they are or mix them with each other or with other elements to create original and creative effects. There is also Ready-To-Use preset mixtures you can Copy&Paste
( Look Below )
Using these elements you can also create awesome wallpapers for your desktop or brand

– 7 High-Res Flame & Fire Lights( 3000×3000 )

Lifetime Light ( Effects Collection ) - 3
Turn a lamp ON! Create awesome fireworks effects in your photographs, icons and brands. These high-Res flames and fires are optimized for both Solid-Colored backgrounds and phtographic tones.

– 4 High-Res Spark & Spotlights( 3000×3000 )

Lifetime Light ( Effects Collection ) - 4

– And 140+ Preset Effects

Lifetime Light ( Effects Collection ) - 5
to cover a wide range of beginner-advanced needs ( various mixtures from elements across the whole collection ) to Paste instantly.


We included double versions for :

  • Solid-Colored Canvases ( wallpaper, poster, icon, typography )
  • Photographic Canvases ( Photo Retouching, Photo Manipulations, etc. )

This prevents over-lighting and artificial impression in phtographs.


Do not forget to checkout sample artworks created by Artbees Awesomizers to learn why this set is a must for a digital artist.

Lifetime Light ( Effects Collection ) - 6

Choose from one of the various elements in the pack and simply paste the effect into your photoshop file.
You can modify the well-managed layers to draw your talents on your artwork.

create digital artworks the way gods do in the industry.
We have also included some sample artworks in the pack to help you learn tips and techniques more efficiently.

Lifetime Light ( Effects Collection ) - 7

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Stock Images used in sample artworks:

  • Marcus.j.ranum : mjranum-stock.deviantart.com
  • Estoril : www.flickr.com/photos/estoril
  • All of the icons used in preview image, screenshots, sample artworks and other showcases are usable under CC license and their commercial rights is reserved by Artbees and Antialiasfactory


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