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  • protect login & register forms with captchatest
  • automatically ban IPs that brute-force attack you
  • detailed log of all login-related activities
  • redirect users based on roles and usernames
  • get email notifications for all login events
  • protect site from brute-force login attacks
  • stop bots from registering
  • manually ban any IP
  • native, easy to use WP GUI
  • detailed documentation

Online demo, examples and documentation

What are customers saying

I love it! Auto-ban feature is a must for any site. Already have Security Ninja and I really feel my site is much more secure!


I have never been disappointed with a purchase I have made from WebFactory, and this is no exception. When used in conjunction with Security Ninja, you have offered me relative peace of mind with my sites security.


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Security Ninja


v1.65 - May 2nd, 2018
* minor improvements

v1.63 - October 17th, 2017
* minor improvements

v1.60 - March 23rd, 2016
* speed improvements

v1.55 - May 7th 2014
* minor bug fixes

v1.50 - August 14th 2013
* WP v3.6 compatibility fixes

v1.4 - December 17th 2012
* WP3.5 compatibility fixes

v1.3 - June 1th 2012
* fixed some small bugs

v1.2 - March 25th 2012
* add color, text and noise options for captcha image
* fixed some small bugs

v1.1 - March 21st 2012
* fixed 2 bugs (thank you mavjarro)

v1.0 - March 20th 2012
* initial release

Login Ninja - 1

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