Magazon is an Advanced – Responsive WordPress News or Magazine theme. It is ready to start working out of the box with a multitude of theme options, smart homepage builder, custom widgets, category styler to help you personalize your environment.

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WPML ready

New in Magazon 2.0 – Update May 07, 2013

WPML ready

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Responsive Design Done Right
Smart Drag & Drop Homepage Builder
Custom Design,sidebar, Slider, Carousel For Categories
Advanced Theme Options
Review system with multiple styles
HD Video tutorials

What People Say About Magazon

Hi – just wanted to say I purchased this theme yesterday and absolutely LOVE it. I’m very impressed with the functionality – the best of any WordPress theme I’ve ever bought. Great job. — Kapelle

After three months seking for a theme, we have purchased this perfect theme for our website. We are very happy to say that this professional organisation helpt us very well to installed this theme and that they knows what they are doing. They have not only show us that they have the knowledge, but also there customer service was very helpful. The service was more then we could ever expect and we from “The World of Christianity” would like to thank you guys for an perfect job done. — Vincent John

Magazon Theme Features

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V2.3 – Apr 22, 2016

Magazon V3.1
 - Social count now working again.
 - Social connect widget icons.
 - Improve carousel style when page load.
 - Cleanup code.
 - Fix PHP notices.
 - WordPress 4.5 compatibility.

Magazon V3.0 – May 22, 2015

 - Remove function st_title use wp_title instead
 - Remove stTranslate use Loco Translate instead (https://wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/)
 - Clean header
 - Update WooCommerce style
 - Add One Click Import Demo content

Magazon V2.6 – April 19, 2014

 - Fixed issue left sidebar below content in mobile mod
    Changed file: st-framework/templates/layout/layout-left-sidebar.php
    Changed file: style.css

 - Update admin options use AJAX to save.
    Changed file: st-framework/admin/admin-functions.php
    Changed file: st-framework/admin/admin-int.php
    Changed file: st-framework/admin/admin-interface.php
    Changed file: st-framework/admin/css/admin-style.css
    Changed file: st-framework/st-load.php

 - Add Support child theme templates
    Changed file:st-framework/settings/shortcode.php
    Changed file: st-framework/st-load.php
    Changed file:st-framework/templates/archive.php
    Changed file:st-framework/templates/author.php
    Changed file:st-framework/templates/list-post.php
    Changed file:st-framework/templates/template-functions.php

 - Fixed category link issue
    Changed file: st-framework/settings/shortcode.php
 - Fixed shortcodes issue in WP editor with WordPress 3.9
    Changed file: st-framework/admin/editor/editor.php
    Changed file: st-framework/admin/editor/edittor_plugin.js
    Changed file: st-framework/admin/editor/tinymce.js
    Changed file: st-framework/admin/page-builder/page-builder.php
    Changed file: st-framework/lib/lib-functions.php

 - Fixed issue categories for slider
    Changed File: st-framework/admin/admin-scripts.php
    Changed File: st-framework/admin/js/admin-js.js
    Changed File: st-framework/lib/lib-functions.php
    Changed File: st-framework/settings/js-and-css.php

Magazon V2.5 – January 27, 2014

 - Fixed issue categories for slider
    Changed File: st-framework/admin/admin-scripts.php
    Changed File: st-framework/admin/js/admin-js.js
    Changed File: st-framework/lib/lib-functions.php
    Changed File: st-framework/settings/js-and-css.php

 - Checked for works with WordPress 3.8
 - New admin option interface
    Changed file: /st-framework/admin/css/admin-style.css
    Changed file: /st-framework/admin/admin-interface.php
    Changed file: /st-framework/admin/images/logo.jpg
- Fix Carrousel slider order by Date
    Changed file: /st-framework/admin/page-builder/page-builder-functions.php
    Changed file: /st-framework/admin/page-builder/page-builder-generate-code.php
    Changed file: /st-framework/lib/lib-functions.php
    Changed file: /st-framework/settings/shortcode.php

Magazon V2.4 – August 23, 2013

- Fix choose background for body bg,if don't choose bg-color, bg-image not show
    Changed file: st-framework/templates/template-functions.php
- Fix Twitter followers count
    Changed file: assets/js/custom.js
    Changed file: st-framework/lib/widgte/socials-connect.php
-Fixed Social icons:  there is no option for rss, and when hover rss icon , title is: Pinterest
    Changed file: header.php
    Changed file: st-framework/settings/admin-settings.php
- Add Option to show comment form on page
    Changed file: st-framework/settings/admin-settings.php
    Changed file: st-framework/templates/page.php
- Add Editor Style
    Added file: editor-style.css
    Added file: editor-style-rtl.css
    Changed file: st-framework/st-load.php

Magazon V2.3 – Jun 18, 2013

Magazon V2.3
- Fixed admin select font
    Changed file: st-framework/ admin/admin-functions.php
    Changed file: st-framework/admin/js/admin-js
- ADD mailchimp subcribe form for ST Socials connect
    Changed file: st-framework/lib/widgte/socials-connect.php
    added file: st-framework/admin/images/mailchimp-form.png
- ADD option and search form in the navigation
    changed file: header.php
    added file: assets/images/search.png
    Changed file: st-framework/settings/admin-settings.php
-  ADD schema Microdata for review post
    changed file: st-framework/admin/review-control/review.php
    changed file: st-framework/templates/template-functions.php
- Other Changed

Magazon V2.2 – May 21, 2013

Magazon V2.2
- Fixed bug upload image for categories
    Changed file: st-framework/ admin/admin-scripts.php
    Changed file: st-framework/admin/js/admin-js.js
- Fixed style for print devices
    Changed file:  st-framework/settings/js-and-css.php

- Fixed and change page builder data encode
    Changed file: 

-Fixed the slider captions
   Changed file: st-framwork/lib/lib-functions.php     

-NEW: User can select multiple categories in blog post item
   Changed file: st-framwork/admin//pag-builder/page-builder-functions.php   
   Changed file: st-framwork/settings/shortcode.php  
Changed sidebars order
   Changed file: st-framework/settings/sidebars.php

Update google font: add more fonts and load all font subsets
   Changed file:  st-framework/settings/google-fonts.php
   Changed file:  st-framework/settings/admin-settings.php
   Changed file:  st-framework/admin/admin-function.php
   Changed file:  st-framework/admin/js/admin-js.js

Add default options
   Changed file:  st-framework/lib/st-active-theme.php
   Changed file:  st-framework/admin/aadmin-interface.php

Move post/page pagination to sing and page  
  Changed file: st-framwork/templates/single.php
  Changed file: st-framwork/templates/page.php

Other changed  
    file : functions.php
    file: st-framwork/admin/admin-int.php
    file: st-framwork/admin/page-builder/page-builder.php
    file: st-framwork/templates/index.php

Magazon V2.1 – May 14, 2013

    Changed file st-framework/st-load.php
    Add folder:  st-framework/css/
- Fixed missing text in admin., translate for frontend only.
    Changed file: st-framework/translate/translate.php
- Add option link open in new tab for shortcode button ( [button type="medium" link="#" target="_blank" ] Button[/button] ).
    Changed file: st-framework/settings/shortcode.php
- Fixed Accordion auto close when click to content
    Changed file: assets/js/custom.js
- Change Style for admin Panel
    Changed folder amin/css/
    Changed file admin/js/admin-js.js
    changed file admin/admin-interface.php

Magazon V2.0 – May 07, 2013

- NEW FEATURE : Included stTranslator, the best translate tool you never seen.
- NEW FEATURE : Included Back To Top button
- Magazon now compatibility with WordPress 3.6
- Top social now open on a new window
- Add 'Widget' to page builder
- Add body font size option

Magazon V1.7 – April 12, 2013

- NEW FEATURE : Top Post Carousel is now continuos rotation.
- NEW FEATURE : Add imageLoaded (js file) that can fixed your Slider and Carousels
- Fixed some typo issue.
Changed files :
    - Add jquery.imagesloaded.min.js in assets/js/ folder
    - st-framework/templates/template-functions.php
    - st-framework/settings/js-and-css.php

Magazon V1.6 – March 29, 2013

- NEW FEATURE : Add info boxed shortcodes
- NEW FEATURE : Add smoothHeight setting for Flexslider
- Fixed Slider and Carousel issue on Safari & Chrome

Magazon V1.5 – March 19, 2013

- ADD : Categories, date, comment, author metadata setting for singple post
- Fix 404.php issue
- Fix logo padding setting issue
- Replace social counter by JS (The old used PHP)
- Move JS to footer

Magazon V1.4 – March 16, 2013

- NEW FEATURE : Support RTL language
- Fixed the_date issue, now you can select Date Format in WP general setting
- Added pagination for page builder item on home page (Only blog style)
Changed files : 
        changed function :  st_blog_post_func
        add new function st_get_paging_in_home
        changed function : stpb_blog

Magazon V1.3.1 – March 12, 2013

-Fixed avatar on single post
-Fixed thumbnail for post Slider
-Fixed Slider caption padding issue
-Added  setting to disable Featured Image on single.
Changed files : 
    -style.css line 351,356

Magazon V1.3 – March 08, 2013

- WPML ready
- Add advanced theme options for Individual language
- Add feature slider settings
- Fixed author social on singple page

Magazon V1.2.1 – March 05, 2013

- Add auto-height to the feature slider.
- Fixed small bug in Custom Sidebars.

Magazon V1.2 – March 03, 2013

- Add footer & header tracking code to theme options
- Add option to display pagination in "Blog Posts" builder item
- Add social sharing on single page (can disable in theme options)
- Fixed double "Leave a Reply" if no comment
- Fixed category issue in "Blog Posts" builder item

Magazon V1.1 – March 1, 2013

- Update .po and .mo files
- Fixed some css issues
- Clean up header.php

Magazon V1.0 – February 23, 2013

- Initial Release


I would like to thank the following providers. This theme would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of all of them.

Please note that none of the images in the demo are available in the theme package.



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