This is our most popular Christmas track which can be used for many different applications. The loop implies reflection and hope and is very useful for commercial presentations with a Christmas style theme, advertising or Gifs or to simply inspire a unique festive atmosphere.

Sounds like:

underscore, music, bright, buoyant, carefree, cheerful, cheery, content, contented, delighted, festive, fitting, jovial, joyful, joyous, pleased, radiant, satisfied, successful, thrilled, well, well-chosen, advert, advertising, adverts, aerial, affair, affirming, animated, animation, , anticipation, anticipatory, atmosphere, atmospheric, authentic, awake, award, awards, baby, background music, , shop, beautiful, , bubbling, bubbly, bucolic, business, , calm, calming, candy, carefree, carol, carols, cartoon, cash, colourful, comforting, communication, compelling, conclusion, confidence, confident, console, contemplative, corporate, correct, countdown, creativity, creeping, crowd, cuddly, cunning, curious, current affairs, christmas, dawn, daybreak, daydream, daytime, daytime tv, december, deck the halls, decorate, design, desire, desires, determination, determined, discount, discounts, discovery, disney, disneyesque, documentary, dreaming, dream of you, dreams, dreamy, easy, easy going, ecology, eighties, electronic games, elegant, elf, emotion, emotional, emotive, encouraging, end, endeavour, end link, entertainment, enthusiastic, enticing, escape, evocative, excited, excitement, exciting, exclusive, expansive, exploration, explore, explorer, factual, families, family, fantasia, fantastic, fantasy, feel, feelgood, feel good, feeling alive, feeling good, feline, festival, festivals, festive, film, final, fireside, freedom, friendly, funfair, fun loving, galaxy, gallery, game, games, garden, gardening, gardens, genteel, gentle, gently, glorious, good morning, good old days, good times, graceful, grand, happening, happily ever after, happiness, happy, happy clappy, happy new year, heavenly, historic, historical, hogmanay, hogmany, holiday, homely, homespun, honest, hopeful, human, human documentary, human stories, idyllic, imagine, imaging, immersive, important, information, innocence, innocent, insidious, inspirational, inspiring, intense, news, intrigue, intriguing, intro, introspective, irony, island, jingle, jingle bells, jingles, joy, joyful, kid, kids, kids tv, kind, kindergarten, laid-back, laidback, laid back, languid, leisure, letting go, life, lifestyle, light, light entertainment, lighthearted, light hearted, limitless, liquid, lite, live, lively, longing, love, lovely, love song, love the bass, loving, lullaby, luscious, lush, luxurious, magic, magical, majestic, make up, mellow, melodic, memories, mesmeric, mesmerising, mistletoe, motivation, motivational, movie, mysterious, mystery, new year, nostalgia, nostalgic, opening, pad, pads, passion, passionate, pastiche, pastoral, peace, peaceful, play, playful, playschool, pleased, pleasing, poignant, positive, positivity, possibilities, pre school, puzzle, radio, rain, raindrops, reality, reassuring, reflection, reflective, regal, regret, regrets, relationships, relax, relaxation, relaxed, reminiscence, reminiscent, repetitive, resolve, retail, road, roads, road trip, rueful, sad, sadness, sale, sales, scenic, schmaltzy, school, season, seasonal, seductive, shop, shopping, shopping mall, shops, show, sleigh, sleigh bells, smiling, smooth, snow, snowman, snowmen, snowscape, solid, sophisticated, soulful, soundscape, soundtrack, sparkle, sparkling, sparkly, sparse, spiritual, steady, stealth, stealthy, still, story, strength, stylish, supportive, thoughtful, travel, traveller, travelling, treasure, underscore, understated, underwater, union, unite, universe, unknown, unnerving, unsettled, unsettling, unstoppable, up, up-tempo, upbeat, update, uplifitng, uplifting, uplifting promo, uplifting retro, upliting, vibrant, videogame, video game, video games, warm, winter, wish, wishes, wishful, wondrous, xmas, TV, corporate, youtube, vimeo, presentation, festival, Jesus Christ ,religious, Christian, advent, nativity ,Twelfth Bethlehem, public holiday, gift, traditional, customs, presents, gift, tree, Santa Claus, sales, retail, messiah, holiday, birth, noel, Yule, yuletide, cute, sweet, turkey, toy, children, midwinter, stocking, glitter, fairy, promotion, supermarket, princess, holiday, skating, shopping, Greenland, Lapland, north pole, online, website, blog, vlog,

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