Marvelous Hover Effects plugin is a collection of over 50 beautiful Hover effects or Tilt effects that helps you to easily create magnificent interactive IMAGES or GRID in your website. This gives you a pack of customizing options to style your images with caption or grid layout such as post grid, page grid… Power your website with this impressive and modern trend!

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Check out QUICK VIEW – a plugin that opens any post/page in a Lightbox style.
Compatible with Marvelous Grid Hover Effects.

Marvelous Hover Effects | WordPress plugin - 18

Marvelous Hover Effects | WordPress plugin - 19Marvelous Hover Effects | WordPress plugin - 20

*Please NOTE that this plugin can work as WordPress shortcodes or an add-on for WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer).

Key Features

  • 50 responsive css hover effects
  • 8 style Tilt hover effects
  • 10 style Image tilt effects
  • +40 Css animation effects
  • 8 grid animation effects
  • Image Swap
  • Hover Effects work with Standalone Image
  • Hover Effects work with Grid Layout: Post Grid, Page Grid, Attachment, Custom_css, Customize_changeset, Custom query, List of IDs
  • 3 Display Styles: Show all, Load more, Lazy loading
  • Option to open Lightbox (prettyphoto)
  • Narrow data sources as: categories, tags or custom taxonomies
  • Limit Total items appeared
  • Change Item per Row
  • Set Gap between items
  • Change image ratio: Original, 16:9, 1:1, 4:3, 2:1…
  • Change Heading text and Description
  • Add External Link for each hover item
  • Change text color and hover text color
  • Change overlay color and hover overlay color
  • Change image opacity and hover image opacity
  • Override same effect for all layout
  • Set data order by: Date, Post ID, Author, Title, Last modified, Post/Page ID, Number of comments, Menu/Page order, Meta value, Meta value number, Random order
  • Sort data: Ascending, Descending
  • Exclude special data (post, page…)
  • Pure CSS3 Animations
  • Compatible with Visual Composer
  • One click predefined template/element usage
  • Fully responsive
  • Easy and fast Installation
  • Works well in all modern browsers.
  • Extensive free support & documentation

How to Install & Use:
Read the tutorial documentation
or Watch Video Tutorial


Version 2.0.9 – July 8th, 2019
Update to Visual Composer 6.0
 Integrate with quickview
 Fix scrollbar of marvelous on wordpress
 Fix lily
 Add missing file
 Add image title for screen reader - image swap
Version 2.0.8 – Feb 26th, 2019
Fix animate css
Update cmb2 to v2.6.0
Fix image swap add image alt
Support waypoint 4
Use animate min css
Add missing animate css file
Version 2.0.7 – Dec 25th, 2018
Add original size to image tilt
Add option to select post title position - marvelous grid
Update cmb2 to 2.4.2
Update cmb2 to 2.3.0
Add lining effect
Add missing popup html when add marvelous with wordpress
Fix: no link on image swap
Fix: alignment and box-sizing for image tilt
Reduce sm and xs size for tilter image
Fix marvelous tilter undefined index
Fix gulpfile add missing sass bootstrap config when dist
Add bootstrap 3.3.7 in node
Add feature to disable link in marvelous grid
Fix: image swap image height
Fix: malabo content position
Add todo
Update: the integrate with visual composer
Fix: grid do not show all post types
Update: add object fit property to image to fix image not cover container
Add mobile font-size customize
Fix: remove effect-sm and effect-xs on bigger container
Fix: get viewport height issue on chrome
Add: remove lazyload if user use visual composer frontend editor
Update: move custom css to style tag after shortcode element
Fix: marvelous grid heading when one thin or bold entered
Fix: milo text aligment
Version 2.0.6 – Dec 19th, 2017
Fix: the wordpress version filename
Fix: required plugins
Version 2.0.5 – Dec 13th, 2017
Update plugin version label
Fix: php warning const missing
Fix: isotope missing
Fix: issue with Isotope
Fix: conflict with vckit
Update: remove required visual composer in package
Version 2.0.4 – Nov 24th, 2017
Update: version label
Fix: overlay class which we do not use
Fix: zoe description
Fix: missing declare variable before use
Fix: visual composer conflict with theme which already define WPB_VC_VERSION constant
Update: cmb2 switch should work for all themelego element
Update: image swap - add option to hide shadow
Version 2.0.3 – Nov 1st, 2017
 Add Link for image swap
Version 2.0.2 – Oct 4th, 2017
Fix: wrong build link
Version 2.0.1 – Sep 30th, 2017
Fix: conflict with endfold theme
Fix: marvelous grid cannot add custom effect for each post
Fix: conflict with visual composer waypoint library
Version 2.0
Fix: base line-height
Fix: monroe effect line height
Fix: effect-caption error in some effect
Fix: get googleFonts only work with Visual Composer
Fix: build tool
Fix: cobble set overlay default 0
Update: bring pretty photo to package
Fix: caracas effect-description height
Fix: Monroe, Wilbert, Praia, Brasila - title on the top
Fix: effect cobbles
Fix: param vc_link and textfield
Update: fix phpcs warning
Feature: wordpress version
Fix: remove pixel icon out of the package
Fix: rename vc_marvelous_hover to marvelous-hover
Fix: php codesniffer warning
Update: build tool add code sniffer
Update: move vc_col to marvelous grid framework
Update: bring css animation out of visual composer
Update: add method to check visual composer actived
Update: move vc_post_param to marvelous_post_param
Update: move vc_taxonomies to marvelous_taxonomies
Update: move vc_value_from_safe to marvelous_value_from_safe
Update: move vc_marvelous_hover to marvelous_hover
Update: add design option to marvelous image tilt, marvelous tilt
Update: add design option to image swap
Update: move vc_shortcode_custom_css_class to marvelous_shortcode_custom_css_class
Update: change require to require_once
Update: change integrate with visual composer
Fix: naming image tilt effect
Update: move vc_map_get_attributes to marvelous_map_get_attributes
Fix: remove vc_enabled role check when save post
Update: bring animate.css to self marvelous hover
Update: bring no_image from visual composer to marvelous hover
Feature: use image alt instead of heading thin and bold
Feature: effect male
Feature: effect malabo
Feature: effect camberra
Feature: effect caracas
Update: move get marvelous custom css to base
Fix: oslo
Update: basic margin and effect caption default z-index
Feature: effect oslo
Feature: effect brasilia
Feature: effect praia
Feature: effect wilbert
Feature: effect monroe
Update: mixin overlay
Update: structure of marvelous hover layer content
Update: washington remove background overlay
Upgrade: build tool
Version 2 label
Add: image tilt and image swap
Remove unuse function
Fix: add z index for image
Version 1.0
Initial product

Credit: We use the opensource of Codrops: https://github.com/codrops/HoverEffectIdeas

The images you see in the screenshots are used for demo purposes only, they are not included in the download package

Marvelous Hover Effects | WordPress plugin - 21

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