Logos Showcase for WordPress is the best well made and up to date Plugin built to display logos, clients and partners.

Logos Features

  • 10 Predefined Responsive Themes
  • Grid Showcase
  • Slider/Carousel Showcase (multiple features)
  • Filter Showcase
  • Custom Link for each Member
  • Tooltip Option
  • 25 Special CSS3 Animation Effects
  • Fully Responsive&Retina Ready
  • Multi-Language
  • Multi-Groups
  • Multiple Ordering
  • Unlimited Logos Clients
  • Animation In/Out Slider
  • Widget Ready
  • Multiple Slider Pagination Themes
  • and many others features…

My Logos Showcase WordPress Plugin - 1
My Logos Showcase WordPress Plugin - 2
My Logos Showcase WordPress Plugin - 3
My Logos Showcase WordPress Plugin - 4
My Logos Showcase WordPress Plugin - 5

Logo Showcase

My Logos Showcase is a premium WordPress plugin build to display and manage your logos and clients in many ways as a grid or as a slider. You have multiple special themes and effects that will help you to show your logos in so many different look.

You can manage your logos by grouping into separate categories based on your demand. With My Logos Plugin for WordPress you will get what you want without any line of code. All you need to do is to generate de shortcode selecting your desired options to display, pick a favorite theme and select a CSS3 effect. Choosing the desired predefined effect for your logo group was never easier.

Logo Showcase – 10 Special Themes

We have built different responsive themes ready to display your logos on any resolution and device. The themes are mobile ready and can be changed very easy.

Logo Showcase – 25 Image Logo Effects

We have set 25 image effects that are both edgy and appealing. Try them all. Use the one you like best and fit for your logos.

Effects are JavaScript Free being developed based on CSS3 technology. So, My Logos Plugin will not create and conflict issue with other plugin installed into your WordPress website.

Logo Showcase – 4 Display Options

Pick individual fields for each logos group. You can display and activate the Full Name, the External Link and the ToolTip Description. You can add tooltips on each logo image and including a custom content.

Logo Showcase – Slider Showcase

You have 10 features to build your desired logos slider. All the options are very easy to change and user friendly. Display your logo as a carousel slider with some transition effects and nav buttons.

Other Logo Showcase Features:

  • Widget Logos ready
  • Slideshow options
  • Inside Logo Page ready
  • WordPress Shortcode Generator
  • Responsive & Columns structure
  • Logos Management

Over all

My Logos Showcase plugin is the most advanced and shiny plugin developed to display your logos in so many ways. In just few minutes you will have an active and special list of logos.

In the Future…

My Logos Showcase plugin is already in use on some of our regular clients websites and we know that the next think they want is to have a nice preview system for the templates. As far as we are concerned this is the next feature we want to include, if you have any suggestions please let us know.


If you want to use My Logos Showcase plugin, all you need to do is install WordPress 3.5+, and install the plugin.

New Items Release

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My Logos Showcase WordPress Plugin - 6

My Logos Showcase WordPress Plugin - 7

My Logos Showcase WordPress Plugin - 8

Updates Log:

How to Update the Plugin?

Version 2.5

- Improve Performance and Warnings
- ADD Slider per one Item feature

Version 2.4

- Fix Preview workflow
- Fix Order by Last Name
- Check compatiblity with WP 4.7.x
- Improve Compatibility based on Custom Post Type

Version 2.3

- ADD New Window open option
- Fix Slider carousel conflict
- Fix Clients Links workflow
- Improve Filter DropDown

Version 2.2

- Update Slider version
- ADD Slider Loop
- ADD Slider Responsive
- ADD Slider Auto Height
- ADD Slider Mouse Drag
- ADD Slider Touch Drag
- Improve Slider Bullets
- ADD 3 Paginations Themes
- ADD Slider Animation In
- ADD Slider Animation Out
- ADD Filter Multi-Layouts
- ADD Default Logo feature
- Improve Visual Dashboard Design
- Improve Default Values
- ADD Open New Window nofollow
- Improve Order Categorie by Slug on Filter
- Optimize Included files
- Increase No. of Columns
- Fix Animation Effects on specific Browsers

Version 2.1

- Fix Widget

Version 2.0

- Add Responsive Settings
- Add custom slug for Custom Post Types
- Update Isotope Script
- Update Team Slider version
- Improve Auto-height Slider
- Add Multi Language
- Improve Filter Buttons CSS
- Add Multi-Group Selection
- Add Order by "Last Name" 
- Add Align Logos Centered Feature
- Add "Custom CSS" Options
- Improve WP Themes Integration
- Improve Filter Multi Categories
- Improve CSS 
- Fix Special Server Compatibility
- Fix Featured Image Restriction

Version 1.9

- Fix New Client Boxes
- Fix Width Issue
- Improve Code

Version 1.8

- Improve Filter multi categories
- Improve Slider Speed
- Add Slider CSS3 message

Version 1.7

- Fix Filter Feature

Version 1.6

- Add Filter Feature

Version 1.5

- Improve Random Feature

Version 1.4

- Fix Widget ID issue
- Fix Widget Notice
- Improve Blank Link 
- Fix URL
- Fix CSS style
- Add RAND Logos Feature

Version 1.3

- Improve Preview Logos
- Improve CSS sty;e
- Fix Shortcode Generator slug
- Fix widget slug
- Fix search categ slug

Version 1.2

- Fix main css issue
- Add auto responsive height
- Add height ratio

Version 1.1

- Add Inside Page URL
- Fix Widget issues


  • FontAwesome
  • OwlCarousel JS
  • Isotope JS
  • Animate CSS
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