Light weight custom navigation menu system for WordPress. Icons are editable and provide great usability with cross-browser support.

When the user presses or clicks the button, menu items expand and place themselves around the main button forming an arc, a circle, line up horizontally or vertically. To close the menu the user needs to either selects one of the options presented or press the main button again.

If multiple levels are nested, then clicking a sub menu will produce the back button allowing the user to go back to the previous menu selection.

Change log follows

changeset 3.9 – 01/August/2014

  1. Fixed: paging in image gallery.
  2. Improved: css includes now output correctly
    —helps to avoid un-necessary theme related issues

30/June/2014 changeset 3.8 revision build

  1. Fixed a regression bug in the tools page ( wrong version number in script include)

04/May/2014 changeset 3.8 revision build

  1. Fixed a regression bug in the image gallery.

02/May/2014 Change set

  1. This is a maintainence release.
  2. Fixed a notice warning when running with WP_DEBUG switched on.
  3. Upgraded the backend look and feel

16/12/2013 Changeset revision build

  1. Fixed a regression bug that affected first time installs.
  2. Fixed a little styling bug in the new WordPress 3.8 admin dashboard.

11/12/13 14:15:16 Changeset revision build

  1. Updates weren’t stable in the previous releases. Now getting new updates works as intended. Just delete the existing version through the WordPress Plugins interface and install the latest, done.
  2. Added a new option to stop parent menu items from showing in the expanded list of items. This is an optional setting now settable on the menu.
  3. Added small fixes through out to ensure a stable release
  4. Tweaked the documentation

15/10/2013 changeset revision build

  1. Fixed a little bug in the tools page, where an error was displayed instead of the rendering of the menu.

29/09/2013 changeset

  1. This version includes a new Path Style Menu widget.
  2. Admin bar gets in the way of inline menu items. This is because the admin bar adds a 28px top margin for no apparent reason. This useless margin is stripped off now.
  3. Some themes keep a high priority on template_include and override our custom post type css handler. we’ve now increased the priority quite high which should keep other themes at bay
  4. The menu is now authentication aware and includes a new “Requires Authentication” option, which is false by default.
  5. The tools page generated a javascript include where the js asset referenced had the wrong version number. This is fixed now.

14/06/2013 changeset revision build

  1. Fixed a regression bug with multi-level menu items.

31/05/2013 changeset revision build

  1. Shortcode parser was broken. This is a regression bug, but regardless we’ve rewritten
    the parser to now use the built-in shortcode parser in WordPress.

29/05/2013 changeset 3.7

  1. Previous versions were only compatible with php 5.3. This has lead to a lot of support requests because the majority of
    wordpress users are still on 5.2. We are now compatible with php 5.2 and above.
  2. Previous versions required execute permissions for the dynamic css handler in the plugin. This is no longer a requirement
    as our new handler uses a custom post type.
  3. Sometimes dynamic themes don’t always play well with plugins. To remedy, we’ve added a new tools page where you
    can collect all the runtime rendering of the shortcodes. This allows you to manually embedd the js and html required to
    render the menu instead of relying on wordpress hooks that some themes skip to call.
  4. Added a brand new css handler for serving dynamic css. Unlike previous versions, this one uses a custom post type and
    does not require setting any special permissions. It just works!
  5. Updated the documentation.
  6. Fixed the arc style menu on iOS where the menu was jumpy when scrolling the page. Now it scrolls along with the page
  7. Fixed inline menu bug where the menu items alignment got distorted if scrollbars were present in the page.
  8. Added a new option to allow stopping an expanded menu from collapsing when clicking in the document window.
  9. Menu items could be seen travelling from the top edge of the screen towards where the main button sits. This has been
    fixed. Now as the page loads all you see is the mainbutton. Item buttons expand and are visible only after clicking the main

09/01/2013 Changeset 3.6

  1. Fixed an issue that existed when creating a menu using the wordpress menus feature, where if only part of the menu was
    selected, then this resulted in no the pathmenu not recognizing the menu data at all.
  2. Made some small superficial code improvements for wp 3.5
  3. Upgraded the plugin with the latest version of the path menu v3.6

26/11/2012 Changeset 3.5

  1. Fixed an issue on touch devices where the inline menu wasn’t showing at all. A change in the previous release broke this,
    fixed now.
  2. Fixed the positioning of submenu items when there were 1 or 2 submenu items in all. The menu items would remain partially
    covered by the main button.
  3. Ensured that the menu doesn’t get hidden by accident, i.e. we’ve noticed a popular responsive theme doing this. The code
    is much more tolerant towards these types of situations now.

18/11/2012 Changeset 3.4

  1. The plugin now allows you to use the generated shortcode in your header.php file.
  2. Clicking the buttons will allow enough time for the animation to complete before navigating to the destination url.
  3. When the menu loads the first time, you see it in motion as it hides behind the main button. Now it just loads behind the
    main button period.

22/10/2012 Changeset 3.3

  1. Upgraded scripts to use the latest version of the pathmenu 3.3
  2. Added php version notification in case the plugin is being used by an inferior version of php.

10/01/2012 Changeset 3.2

  1. Added support for automatically opening the menu on page load. To enable this you have to set expanded: true
  2. Added support for automatically collapsing the menu after it was automatically expanded on page load. For this you have
    to set the expandTimeout value to the number of waiting milliseconds.
  3. Added support for labels. You can enable this feature by adding showLabel: true, and a label is displayed alongside the
    icon. The label text is supplied through the title property, more in the documentation.

9/18/2012 Changeset 3.1

  1. Fixed a bug in the image picker’s pager.

9/17/2012 Changeset 3.1

  1. Made a little update to fix some unpredictable environment issues. If you downloaded earlier versions and it’s not
    working for you, get this new update. Even if your not experiencing problems, just get this update

9/15/2012 Changeset 3.1

  1. This update is a complete rewrite of the plugin and the script files in use is the latest from the 3.1 release of the
    standalone version (look there for the fixes applied in the scripts) :
  2. We now support docking the menu in all 4 corners of the screen, in fixed mode.
  3. Left Bottom Fixed Arc – Items expand from the left bottom corner of the screen in a arc.
  4. Left Top Fixed Arc – Items expand from the top left corner of the screen in an arc.
  5. Right Bottom Fixed Arc – Items expand from the right bottom corner of the screen in an arc.
  6. Right Top Fixed Arc – Items expand from the right top corner of the screen in an arc.
  7. Also as part of this plugin, a tool is provided that allows you to customzie the curve of the arc for a fixed style
  8. You can use shortcode or force the menu to show on all pages by a simple setting in the menu configuration.
  9. We now support inlining the menu alongside your content in the normal page flow via shortcode. When the menu is used in
    this way, you can chose from 7 different expand patterns :
  10. circle
  11. Line Top – Items are displayed in a straight line, expanding upwards from the main button.
  12. Line Right – Items are displayed in a straight line towards the right of the main button.
  13. Line Bottom – Items expand in a straight line downwards from the main button.
  14. Line Left – Items expand in a stright line towards the left of the main button.
  15. Line Middle Horizontal – Items expand horizontally from either side of the main button ( left and right ), while the main
    button is in the middle.
  16. Line Middle Vertical – Items expand vertically from either side of the main button ( top and bottom ), while the main
    button is in the middle.
  17. As in previous versions, you can customize the icons and configure the menu through it’s admin pages. No need to write a
    single line of code. Simple settings only.
  18. Updated documentation.
  19. Since we make use of namespaces in this release, wordpress needs to be running with php 5.3 at a minimum with this

6/25/2012 Coming soon v3.0, so stay tuned!

  1. New features will include
  2. Placing the menu within the page flow with short_code
  3. New full 360deg placement of menu items around main menu in a circle, when menu is placed within page flow.
  4. Ability to add multiple instances as we are not limited to the lower left corner.

06/03/2012 changeset 2.0

  1. (Note* This new versions is not backward compatible with v1.0, so keep in mind that you will
    need to re
  2. do what you had done previously.)
  3. Fixed bug in handheld devices where the addressbar was not compensated for and resulted in nothing happening when
    touching the menu.
  4. Added z
  5. index order by default to ensure that the menu covers all other elements.
  6. Revamped the Admin configuration page for the pathMenu
  7. Now all your menu items are listed in a treeview that includes an image picker. This allows you to set the image icons
    visually instead of doing it manually in css.
  8. Added the ability to add custom javascript code. This is useful when you want to add some logic to the selected menu item
    handler exposed by the menu i.e. loading pages into a fancybox and what not.
  9. Added the ability to limit the menu’s display on pages, by post type.


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