PayPal Pro (DoDirect Checkout)

PayPal Pro is an API-based solution that enables merchants and developers to accept credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal payments directly on your website.

Supports the following PayPal features:

  • Sandbox server to perform test transactions
  • Authorization and Sale transaction methods
  • Process credit and debit cards directly during the checkout procedure

How it works:

When a customer is ready to make a purchase, they’ll see two options. They can pay with their credit card or through their PayPal account Paying with a Credit or Debit Card Step-by-Step:

  1. Your Site: A customer chooses to pay with a Credit Card.
  2. Your Site They enter shipping info on your site.
  3. Your Site They enter their credit card details.
  4. Your Site They review their payment info.
  5. Your Site Their payment is processed.
  6. PayPal.com You get paid. (The fun part.)


Note: PayPal Pro is only available within the UK, US and Canada to holders of a PayPal Pro merchant account.

Change log:

2014.04.11 - version 2.1.1
 * Fix bug: Show json message if error
 * Fix bug: The transaction get’s completed even if I don’t enter the cv2 code
 * Update: Check require input card number

20014.03.20 - version 2.1
 * Update: Campat with woo2.1
 * Update: Core function
 * New: Support 3d card
 * New: Use paypal SDK

20013.05.27 - version 2.0.1
 * Update: Add more log step for dev 

2013.03.08 - version 2.0.0
 * Update: Compatible to Woocommerce 2.0
 * Update: Ignore check credit card type
 * Update: Write log file instead of send mail debug

2012.09.10 - version 1.3.1
 * Make more private name of card information

2012.08.25 - version 1.3: 
 * Update: Customer choice payment action (authorize, sale)

2012.07.20 - version 1.2: 
 * Fix bug: Check CVV of AMEX card

2012.03.01 - version 1.0
 * First Release
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