9/March/17 Supports up to WP 4.7.x.

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Show what’s hot in your blog right now with this WordPress Widget, inspired by the fine folks at Engadget. Don’t confuse it with the ‘most popular posts’ plugins out there, all they do is extract the highest comment count of all-time, with Popular Posts Bar, you can show the trending posts by comments or views in say, the last 7 days.

You can customize:

  • Widget’s title
  • How many posts to show
  • HTML classes for each element
  • The time lapse, whether if you want to show the most popular posts in the last week, this month or a custom interval


  • Two widgets in one!
  • Integrates nicely with the Colorful Calendar Widget!
  • Easy to setup
  • Fully customizable
  • Cross-browser
  • XHTML and CSS valid
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