Save time by using pre-built great looking styles in Photoshop! This is a set of 5 letterpress Photoshop styles – they will make your text look as though it’s been pressed into any color background. With each of the 5 primary styles, there are 3 styles based on your text size: Small, Medium or Large. In all there are 15 styles.

Pressed - Letterpress Photoshop Styles - 1
Be sure and check out my dePressed styles as well – makes your text look embossed – coming out of the background! Click Here

Technical Details
The file was originally built using Adobe Photoshop. So there are 5 different PSD’s included. There is also an ASL file included that has all 15 styles ready to be loaded into Photoshop.

The fonts used in the PSD files are:
Advent Pro – inde-graphics.deviantart.com/art/advent-font-57338302
PF Easta Seven Condensed – wareseeker.com/download/pf-easta-seven-1.0.rar/3515145

Pressed - Letterpress Photoshop Styles - 2



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