PROActions Bundle - Film & Special Effects - 1

PROActions Bundle - Film & Special Effects - 2

See what buyers are saying:

  • Honestly, the best photo actions in GraphicRiver. No doubt in that.

  • I bought this and another very popular image actions package. I have played around a bit with both now and this is just so much better. In contrast to the other package; this just works so much better out of the box. […] I expect to use this action package a lot in the future. 5 stars!

  • Now this is great! Probably going to make me famous using it! Excellent all around!!

  • Wow. Just wow. […] the fact that it worked straight out of the box was a massive plus. The actions themselves are fantastic – it immediately adds a professional touch to all photos. I went through the entire list and couldn’t find a single action that wouldn’t be useful at one point or another.

  • I’m glad I bought it, even 2 times. Totally worth the price !

  • This is well worth $8 […] Very user friendly and very happy with this purchase. Now I know why this has over 900 purchases. Don’t second guess yourself about buying you will be extremely happy

This bundle contains:

PROActions Bundle - Film & Special Effects - 3PROActions Bundle - Film & Special Effects - 4

These actions are not simple, filter-playing actions. The steps they take have been studied and thoroughly tested, making these actions true image enhancers. The results of these actions are realistic re-creations of traditional effects, without any gimmicks.

UPDATE: Current version: November 17, 2014!

Great Features:

  • Fast, easy, professional
  • Your original layer stays UNHARMED, always
  • Different versions for each action: sizes, color tones, intensity, etc.
  • The most requested, beloved and classic effects are included! (eg. Lomo, Vintage, Sepia, HDR, Ultraviolet, Infrared, etc.)
  • Video Guide included! Takes you form scratch to the advanced usage of the actions

Film Effects Action Set:

  • Contrast Soft
  • Contrast Medium
  • Contrast Strong
  • Brightness Soft
  • Brightness Strong
  • Sharpen BW
  • Sharpen BW Strong
  • Sharpen Maximum
  • Sharpen BW Pro
  • Sharpen Color Tone (Normal)
  • Sharpen Dark Tone
  • Sharpen Neutral Tone
  • Sharpen Light Tone
  • Sharpen Extra Light Tone
  • Film Silhouette
  • Film Ultraviolet
  • Film High Ultraviolet
  • Film High Ultraviolet 2
  • Film Infrared
  • Film Bluetify
  • Film Sepia
  • Film Vintage
  • Film Watercolor
  • Film Transparency
  • Film Glow
  • Film Dirty Sharpness
  • Film Lomo
  • Film Old
  • Light Strong
  • Light Softer

Special Effects Action Set:

  • Environment Serious Fantasy
  • Environment Colorful Fantasy
  • Environment Amazonas
  • Environment Miami
  • Environment Miami [StrongS]
  • Environment Moscow
  • Environment Moscow [StrongS]
  • Environment Madagascar
  • Environment Madagascar [StrongS]
  • Environment Sahara
  • Environment Easy Sunset
  • Environment Subtle Sunset
  • Environment War
  • Environment Matrix
  • Environment Matrix w/ numbers
  • Vector Comic
  • Vector Comic w/ Box
  • Vector Comic Big
  • Vector Watercolor
  • Vector Illustration
  • Vector Marbles Small
  • Vector Marbles Medium
  • Vector BL Marbles Small
  • Vector BL Marbles Medium
  • Special Cross-Processing
  • Special Horiz Scanlines
  • Special Vert Scanlines
  • Special Nightvision Light
  • Special Nightvision Neutral
  • Special Nightvision Dark
  • Special Movie
  • Special Movie w/ noise
  • Special w/ Letterbox
  • Special Indie Film
  • Special Indie Film w/ Letterbox
  • Special Sin City
  • Special Gothic
  • Special 300
  • Special Retro
  • HDRi General
  • HDRi Classic Warm Alternation
  • Misc Brushed Out
  • Misc Sunny Alabama
  • Misc Rainbow




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