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Show off your work with this easy-to-customize and fully featured Audio/Video Player. When purchasing this player, you will receive a detailed help file along with additional features like 5 custom skins and Responsive Layout.

Audio + Video Player Features

  • Video Playlists now supported!
  • Playlist Album artwork has been added. Easily add album artwork to your playlists!
  • Built on top of the default WordPress 3.6 Media Player. Add this plugin to easily style your existing videos!
  • Responsive Player: Mobile, Tablet and Desktop optimized
  • 5 Skins to choose from
  • Audio Playlists supported
  • Unlimited audio and video players per page (single playlist per page)
  • Retina Support: ProgressionPlayer is optimized for high resolution displays like the Macbook Pro with Retina Display, iPhones and iPads
  • Custom Flash and Silverlight players that mimic the HTML5 MediaElement API for older browsers
  • Players automatically stop playing when another player is activated
  • Easy to Customize
  • Full-screen video button
  • Playlist can stay open or closed by default.

Audio Files used in the Live Preview

Theme Updates – Changelog

==v1.7 - 24 February 19 ==
-Plugin Maintenance
-Updated plugin functions for latest version of WordPress

==v1.6 - 21 November 17 ==
-Added support for WordPress 4.9+
-Sliding animation added to playlist toggle
-Player javascript completely rewritten
-Created a .min file for CSS to increased page loading
-Reduced JavaScript for increased page loading speeds
-Updated Genericons Font Kit
-New Documentation

==v1.5 - 20 December 14 ==
Added support for WordPress 4.1. Files Updated:  /assets/css/progression-player.css
-Find/Replace div.mejs-horizontal-volume-slider with .mejs-horizontal-volume-slider 
-Find/Replace span.mejs-time-total with .mejs-time-total
-Noted Updates at the bottom of the css file

==v1.4 - 1 October 14 ==
-Complete plugin overhaul
-New styles added
-Album artwork support added to playlists
-Video playlist support added

==v1.3 - 11 December 13 ==
-Minor JavaScript updates

==v1.2 - 16 October 13 ==
-Loop can now be applied to audio, video, & playlists separately.
-Unlimited Playlists per page has now been added (Audio/Video also can have unlimited players per page)

==v1.1 - 21 September 13 ==
-Fixed Audio Playlist multiple plays in FireFox when user clicks multiple times. File updated: /build/mep-feature-playlist.js

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