A plugin help you to add Pinterest style responsive grid / masonry gallery to your post or page via shortcode in a few seconds. The plugin support batch upload in the backend. The large image will generate small thumbnail automatically. The category is optional, and support multiple category, which mean a image can be in different category.

Note: This plugin doesn’t fetch images from pinterest. It only use the pinterest like layout.


“This plugin is much cleaner looking than others I’ve tried and I love that it puts title/description under the image instead of over top like many do. I have purchased it 2 times for 2 sites so far and will be purchasing it for even more. Thank you for a job very well done!”


Update log (26 Jun 2014):

  • Add a min width option for the lightbox image.

Update log (version 1.2, 11 Feb 2014):

  • Update the lightbox, now only the filter images are in the lightbox, before is all the images.

Update log (version 1.1, 16 Nov 2013):

  • Make the lightbox responsive, the whole gallery is responsive now.
  • Resize the thumbnail automatically, now the gallery load more fast.
  • Add lightbox (large image) caption option.

Update log (12 Nov 2013)

Remove the potential circle dot in some themes. Prior buyers can just download the latest source and overwrite the jquery.pinterest.css


  • You can add/edit the Pinterest Gallery without touching the code. Customize the image and text with WordPress backend, and then embed the gallery in post or page via shortcode like [pinterest_gallery id=12 /].
  • Support multiple images uploading, help you to update the gallery quickly in a few seconds.
  • Draggable of the thumbnail in the backend, help you to sort the thumbnail easily.
  • Customizable, for example http://www.thebespokeflorist.com/gallery/ is my latest freelance project base on this gallery. Which add a multiple levels filter menu and a lot of other function.
  • Unlimited and multiple gallery instace support in your WordPress.
  • Optional and unlimited category for the gallery, and each item can be in multiple categories.
  • Color picker for updating item background and font color easily.
  • Optional lightbox.
  • Easy to install and setup with WordPress.
  • Compatible with latest jQuery(1.10.x) and latest WordPress.
  • FAQ and source code are included in the package. Free update in the future.

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jQuery http://jquery.com
wookmark http://www.wookmark.com/jquery-plugin
boxer http://www.benplum.com/formstone/boxer/
photo markjsebastian

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