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R&J Trailer - 1

Recipe from the chief

Ingredients: 29 fresh photos or video, cool music, AE-project.


Step 1. Slowly put 29 fresh photos or video into project as shown at video instruction.

Step2. Add cool music to taste.

Step3. Do rendering at medium heat.

Your dish is ready – Enjoy!

R&J Trailer - 2

Music is not included, but you can buy this music track here Bad Boyst. The music was written by very talanted composer Musicant.

R&J Trailer - 3

1. Video operation manual
2. Two version of resolution
3. There are no plugins
4. Textures are included

This project can also be used as advertising for the poker tournament. Insert into the project of a photo of the future players or photo a place in which will be held tournament on poker and you get a great poker trailer!

Inspiration and Successes!



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