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Version 1.2 is out!

Multiple maps support

That’s probably the single and most requested feature from the users. You wanted support for multiple maps with unique content, I needed to figure out the best way to implement this. I hope you’re happy, I certainly am! The only limitation that remains is that you can have only one map per page/post. Otherwise, you can have as many as you want in your entire site.

Brand new admin panel

The multiple maps feature required some pretty radical changes to the admin panel, so some of the old UI elements simply did not look good. In version 1.2 I have taken the admin panel to the next level – it’s completely rewritten, the options are nicely grouped in tabs and there are native wordpress elements all over the page. Looks just like publishing a post!

What is Rockstar Map?

Rockstar Map is a WordPress plugin for displaying an interactive map with locations, navigation and more. It’s perfect for any Contacts page and it’s super easy to setup and use. It has features like fullscreen mode, smooth animations, inertia, fluid width, touch gestures and a beautiful interface that is visible and reads well with any image in the background.

Mobile First!

Rockstar Map is designed with mobile devices in mind from the ground up! It’s fully responsive, the width dynamically changes when the viewport is resized (when the device goes in landscape mode), and it remains responsive in fullscreen mode as well.

Finger gestures are also supported! The map is even more intuitive to use on a touchscreen device, because of that. Pinch to zoom, tap and move to navigate around – it’s all there.

Comes with 190+ maps

There are maps for almost all countries bundled in Rockstar Map for super fast setup. All maps have the same graphic style for better visual consistency. You can also use any image you want, it doesn’t even have to be a map!

Web app for placing events on the map

One of the biggest pains when using similar plugins is that you need to specify the coordinates for each location on the map. Rockstar Map comes with a great web app embedded in the plugin settings page that removes that hassle. You just drag and drop pins on the map, move them around, edit the text and you are done!


One of the coolest features of Rockstar Map is the fullscreen support. With a click of a button the map fills the screen and the experience is so much better!

Smooth navigation & cool interface

The plugin has smooth animations built in – when you click a menu item to go to a location, or when you click the navigation buttons. Also, the interface will stay visible and it will read well with any image in the background, even the most colorful one! And let’s not forget the built-in inertia which makes interacting with the map that much more intuitive, especially on touchscreen devices.

Cross-Platform & Cross-Browser

Rockstar map has been extensively tested on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows machines and in all modern browsers. And in IE8.

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