RSS AutoPilot

RSS AutoPilot is a WordPress plugin capable of downloading Atom and RSS feeds and creating posts in WordPress using either summary provided by feed or grabbing content directly from a website using unique Content Extractor feature that allows you to manually pick content or automatically detect it. This feature moves feed content parsing to the next level.


RSS AutoPilot - unique content extractor - 1

Manual Content Extractor

RSS AutoPilot - unique content extractor - 2


  • Feed your website with RSS feeds
  • AutoPilot option
  • Get news directly from website pages
  • Automatic content detector
  • Language translation
  • Unique “Content Extractor” feature
  • Create posts of different types
  • Get featured image from content or set it manually per feed
  • Fallback featured image
  • Ignoring certain blocks from content
  • Supports both Atom and RSS feeds
  • Automatic links removal
  • Post excerpts configuration
  • Content filters
  • WordPress “More” tag and canoncial URL support
  • Translation ready

Future plans

  • Have an idea? – Please, feel free to let us know. Let’s make RSS AutoPilot even better!

Release history

Version 1.5.0 – Aug 28, 2017

- NEW: Multiple block selection
- NEW: Importing tags and categories
- NEW: Fallback Featured image
- NEW: Custom HTML code around imported posts
- NEW: Extended thumbnails support
- IMPROVED: A couple of fixed issues and minor improvements

Version 1.4.0 – Jan 10, 2016

- NEW: Set custom featured image for each feed
- NEW: Automatic links removal option
- NEW: WordPress "More" tag is now supported
- NEW: WordPress Excerpt feature is now fully supported and configurable
- IMPROVED: Updated user interface
- IMPROVED: A couple of fixed issues and minor improvements

Version 1.3.0 – Nov 1, 2015

- NEW: Automatic translations with Yandex Translator API

Version 1.2.2 – Oct 22, 2015

Minor release with a few fixes reported by customers
- IMPROVED: Language support. Tested on Korean, Arabic and Turkish
- IMPROVED: Content parsing and thumbnails extraction

Version 1.2.1 – Oct 1, 2015

- NEW: Feed status information (last time updated and the number of posts imported)
- NEW: It is now possible to set image as featured and remove it from the contents (useful for themes that display featured image on post page)
- NEW: We've added a possibility to set a limit to the number of posts imported in a single run
- NEW: “Overwrite” posts feature
- IMPROVED: Now posts can be deleted with downloaded images

Version 1.2.0 – Sep 19, 2015

- IMPROVED: Some of our customers experienced an issue related to WordPress that resulted to duplicated content. Workaround for this was added.
- IMPROVED: Thumbnails to downloaded images are now generated
- IMPROVED: A couple of other minor bugfixes and improvements were done

Up to version 1.1.2

- NEW: Filters: required and disallowed keywords
- NEW: Updated add/edit form with hints
- NEW: Added feature to "remove" blocks within selected content in Content Extractor
- NEW: Download all images option
- NEW: Add canonical URL option
- IMPROVED: A special trick to work on HostGator shared hosting added
- IMPROVED: Fix to YouTube RSS feed
- IMPROVED: Other minor fixes and improvements


  • PHP 5.3 or newer (5.4 recommended)
  • libxml php extension
  • MBstring php extension
  • XML PHP extensions: DOM and SimpleXML
  • cURL or Stream Context (allow_url_fopen=On)
  • iconv extension
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