– Previously named Email Cart for WooCommerce –

Empower anyone using your store to Save & Share their Cart

Save & Share Cart enables anyone to save their carts – simple products, variation products, add-on products, any kind of product – and get a unique link to retrieve the cart later. Click on the link in a chat, social-media, email, bookmark or anywhere and retrieve the cart at any time. There’s also a button to send the cart in a styled email showing the products, product pictures, quantities, totals and a big button to click and retrieve the content of that cart. Save & Share Cart empowers shop managers and improves the shopping experience of all your customers – here’s some examples:

Customers Save a cart to use it later – Customers can fill their cart in the morning, then without losing that work they can save the cart to retrieve it later, the next day, or whenever they like.

Customer send a cart to someone else to pay – Customers can be the one to create a cart then send it to someone else who can retrieve it and checkout and pay for them.

Pre-fill a cart to assist your customers – Shop Managers can help their a customer via phone, chat, social-media or email by pre-filling a cart then sending it to them so they can fill their cart with one click.

Bundle products for a promotion – Shop Managers can pre-fill a cart, save it – giving it a memorable name – then use the unique link in a promotion on their site, in a email campaign, on social media, in an ad banners, or anywhere.

Happy Shopping!



= 2.20 =
* Updated our plugin-update-checker script.

= 2.19 =
* Don't load our interface on the Customizer as this can cause issues with plugins that do very customized pages in the Customizer.

= 2.18 =
* Fix issue where carts would get combined when the admin previews the carts in wp-admin

= 2.17 =
* Fix issue where carts would get combined when the admin previews the carts in wp-admin

= 2.16 =
* Fixed the product thumbnails not showing in the cart email.
* Fixed the text color appearing incorrectly (white on white) in the cart email.
* Updated our cart code with the updates to the WC cart template.
* Updated our Plugin Update Checker code.
* Change the minimum required version of WooCommerce to version 3.0

... continued in readme.txt with the plugin.
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