Current version: 2.0

ShowDown for WooCommerce allows you to hold popularity “Battles” and Yay/Nay (also known as Hot or Not) contests with your Products library.

It’s simple, just follow these steps:

  • Buy and download the ZIP file for ShowDown
  • Upload and activate
  • Visit the ShowDown > WooCommerce admin page and select to use your Product library

That’s it! Now, create a new Page and embed the ShowDown shortcode, using the handy generator, and your Products are now battling against each other.

Drive up your customer engagement and sales with ShowDown for WooCommerce!

What’s New in v2.0?

  • Added WooCommerce Product library support

Previously Released Features

  1. New responsive contest layouts, so you don’t lose mobile user interaction
  2. New “Last Voted” widget, shows the last image to get voted on by other visitors, and yourself, on the site
  3. Specify a separate transition message for Battles and Yay/Nay contests
  4. More string customization options
  5. Turn off secondary anti-cheat for Yay/Nay contest
  6. Fixed Facebook/Twitter sharing bug on Battle results
  7. Snazzy new dashboard


…These guys are amazing and went above and beyond to support their plugin. Great support, great plugin, I’d buy from these guys anytime …
– woodbangers

…Worked out the box …
– savage57

…In our first month since launch we have generated 1500 visitors with just over 10,000 page views with a big thanks to Showdown…
– Ryan

Getting Started

Once you download the plugin, simply upload it via your Plugins upload panel and activate. You will now see a dedicated menu item for the plugin custom post type called ‘Competitors’ and a dedicated admin panel called ‘ShowDown’.

Visit the ShowDown > Settings page to check out the options and also take some time to go over the quick help provided in the same section.


Upload as many “Competitors” as you like using the dedicated Custom Post Type created by the plugin, once your image has been uploaded simply set it to be the “Use as featured image”. The plugin will automatically pick the image and use it in the Yay/Nay (Hot or Not) and Battle contests.

You can even set up “Groups”, they work exactly the same as regular WordPress categories.

Yay/Nay Contests

You can set your Competitors to battle it out in the popularity mode by using any of these two options for rating:

  1. Vote with a Yes/No option
  2. Vote on a scale of 1 – 10

Battles a.k.a ShowDowns

Or, you can set your Competitors to battle it out in the Battle mode. Simply use the shortcode generator when you create a regular Post/Page and drop your Battles in.

Don’t want to use it with images? Not a problem, you can feature text or embed videos as well! Check out our demo site for a live preview.

Translation + Text Customizations

All the text in the plugin is fully customizable, so you can use any terminology you like.

Plus it’s 100% translation ready!

Easy Embedding

Use the handy shortcode generator to enter your shortcode to show your contests in your Posts or Pages.

Want to embed contests related only to a specific Group? Not a problem, the plugin can segment via Groups as well.

Make Money with ShowDown!

The plugin also allows you to customize the links on your images, so you can link them with your affiliate link to products and create a potential affiliate revenue stream.

Plus now with WooCommerce support, your Products get more visibility and an element of fun around them.

  1. WooCommerce: Set the plugin to use your WooCommerce Product library for Battles and/or Yay/Nay contests.
  2. Group vs Group Battles: Set the Bees against the Wasps, the Phones against the Tablets, Justin Beiber fans against Zombies!
  3. Choice Yes/No mode: You can set your Hot or Not/Popularity contests to use a choice, rather than numbers for rating.
  4. Vote Lifespan: Set your votes and battle data to get automatically reset after a set number of days. Choose between 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, 6 months, 1 year or just keep them forever.
  5. Affiliate or Competitor Links: Choose whether you want to “give external links priority over competitor links”. You will find this feature in the “Common Options”, on activation it will set the link status of your Competitor thumbnails to either your affiliate links or the Competitor page.
  6. Affiliate Link Caption: Rather than just showing a link you can now give it a name, like “Best WordPress Plugin” and it will get linked with the URL you enter in the Affiliate Link area.
  7. Customized Headings: Last but not least, adding a customized heading to each and every single Battle or Popularity contest.


- Added WooCommerce Product library support

- Fixed SSL loading, now it works in SSL URL's too
- New Feature: Added Tags
- New Feature: Tags vs Tags, Tags Vs Groups, Groups vs Groups

- Ability to turn off secondary nonce
- Separate transition message per game
- Add customisation to what's shown on Competitor Page
- Added 'last voted' widget
- Fixed FB/Twitter share bug in Showdown

- Fixed bug for sidebar widget which was showing results from all categories.

- Added "About this image" section in the Add New Competitor screen for Yay/Nay contests.

- Added extra custom nonce to stop refreshes being counted as extra votes
- Define post thumbnail sizes using WordPress image re-sizing

- Bug fix (points being lost in Retention routine)

- Fix for post integration to support new TinyMCE in WordPress v3.9
- Tweak voting so that IP blocks don't count as votes
- Adjusted error on vote retention feature

- Vote Lifespan
- Affiliate or Competitor Links
- Affiliate Link Caption
- Yes/No mode
- Group vs Group Battles
- Customized Headings

- Compatible with WordPress v3.6
- upgraded BlockUI JS to work with newer versions of jQuery

- Addressed bug where showdown results was ignoring shortcode arguments

- Removed transition if user clicks on Skip button

- Fixed a "division by zero" bug

- Enter a transition message
- Hide IP address on front end
- Hide Group name on front end

- Set up "Battles" and "Hot or Not/Popularity" contests simultaneously.
- Restrict repeat voting on Hot or Not/Popularity contests.
- Ability to reset stats for Competitors.
- Display Group name on Battles and Hot or Not/Popularity contests.
- Top 10 for Hot or Not/Popularity contests, previously only available for Battles.
- User initiated results sharing on Twitter and Facebook.
- Custom widget available under Appearance > Widgets area.
- Change color of Hot or Not/Popularity contest voting buttons.


- Fixed image filtering option in shortcode.


- Fixed "Groups" filtering in shortcode.


- Battle Mode.
- Hot or Not/Popularity Mode.
- Backend Statistics.
- Affiliate Link Custom Field.
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