What’s new in version 4.4?
  • Widget for visitor’s to select their preferred currency. If widget is not added, Auto-detected currency will be used.
  • Translation Ready. ( An empty .po file with placeholders is given.)

Smart Currency Converter for WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that automatically detects the currency of your woocommerce website visitor, converts all the prices of the website to that currency, and shows them in a beautiful and lightweight way.

Please check the FAQs section (in Support page) before posting a comment or sending a support mail.

Feature Highlights

  • Easy installation.
  • Two modes of display: 1) Tooltip and 2) Replace Original Price.
  • User Friendly and intuitive. All it takes is to touch/hover over the price. [But now with the “Replace Original Price” mode, you don’t even need to hover/touch.]
  • Visitor’s currency is automatically detected.
  • Exchange rates are fetched from Yahoo Finance. So they are always updated.
  • Exchange rates can be overridden if needed.
  • Convert and show prices in multiple currencies at the same time.
  • Besides autodetection, each visitor can set/change his/her own preferred currency to see prices in. This preference will be saved across sessions.
  • Widget for visitors to select their preferred currency.
  • Customizable popup message shown to any first time visitor, which can be used to let him/her know that prices are available in his local currency and he can change the currency .
  • Shows converted values in a light-weight way (tooltip), so it does not affect the layout of the website.
  • Modern design with 5 predefined themes and animations.
  • Mobile friendly. Triggered by touch in touch devices.
  • Tooltips can be configured to be opened automatically during first visit of a page.
  • Supports 237 countries and 157 currencies. (FYI many currencies are used in multiple countries, like Euro)
  • In “Replace Original Price (No Tooltip)” mode, price format is customizable. For example, now you can set something like $100.00 (approx. BDT 7850.00) or BDT 7850.00 (originally $100.00) in place of your default currency. Or anything really.
  • Translation Ready. (An empty .po file with placeholders is given.)
  • Best practices and guidelines for WordPress plugins are strictly followed, to ensure a consistent experience for site admin.
  • Supports all modern browsers including IE 8 and up.
  • Supports http only no https yet

Two display modes

Smart Currency Converter for WooCommerce - 1

Lightweight Design

Smart Currency Converter for WooCommerce - 2

Beautiful Built-in Themes

Smart Currency Converter for WooCommerce - 3

New themes with different colors and animations can be easily added by CSS.

Special thanks to Caleb Jacob and Louis Ameline for their tooltipster plugin.



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