Social Traffic Pop for WordPress is finally here. Requested by tons of other Traffic Pop buyers, Social Traffic Pop combines 4 of the most powerful social media tools to make one of the best social media marketing tools ever. Social Traffic Pop builds on everything that made the original Facebook Traffic Pop such a hit and takes it to the next level. Make Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn your slave and become a social media slayer over night!

Social Traffic Pop for WordPress - 1
Social Traffic Pop for WordPress - 2


  • Combined reach of over 1.8 BILLION social media accounts.
  • Completely locks all page usability until popup is closed or a social action is completed.
  • Popup stays centered as the user scrolls up and down.
  • Optional close button.
  • Smart Mobile support runs on all mobile devices and tablets that allow it!
  • Optional advanced close features allow visitors to close the popup by clicking outside of the popup area or by pressing the escape key.
  • Cookies remembers which users have not completed a social action.
  • All buttons can be completely configured with their own settings!
  • Setup takes literally seconds!
  • 100% customizable CSS.
  • Configure everything from the beautiful built in settings panel.
  • Set background opacity right from the settings.
  • Works on all sites big and small.
  • Proven to induce more social shares = more traffic & better rankings = more $$$$

Supported Social Services

  • Facebook Like and Share Buttons
  • Twitter Tweet and Follow Buttons
  • Google Plus Button
  • LinkedIn Share Button
  • Vkontakte Like Button

Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome – All Recent Releases
  • Firefox – All Recent Releases
  • Safari – All Recent Releaes
  • Opera – All Recent Releases
  • Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9 & 10
  • Works on all large screen mobile devices.


* Version 4.0 ( 1/9/2014 )
- All new control panel for STP
- Complete overhaul of STP code
- VK Support updated
- Popup Layout and CSS updated
- Button Covers added
- Many other little fixes and tweaks

* Version 3.1.0 ( 2/14/2013 )
- Added smart mobile support.
- Added LinkedIn Share support
- Updated Google+ tracking
- Speed improvements

* Version 3.0.1 ( 10/3/2012 )
- Update to fix Facebook Cookie error

* Version 3.0 ( 9/22/2012 )
- Added onclick support
- Specify any class to open on click
- Updated CSS for new versions of Firefox
- Speed improvements
- Buttons will now auto center

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