“Success” is a wonderfully simple and edifying track that will be sure to suit many corporate needs! This infectious and inspirational track starts off with a folk-like acoustic guitar rhythm, along with the sound of snaps and claps that will be sure to instantly lighten any mood. Then enters a catchy and singable bell & piano melody that gives the feeling of achievement and accomplishment. The song continues to build with intensity until it bursts into a fun and delightful chorus. “Success” includes many other instruments such as ukulele, drums, bass, tambourine, and more!

This .zip file includes 4 different versions:

  • Success (Full Version): 2:30
  • Success (No Drums): 2:30
  • Success (Shorter Version): 1:09
  • Success (Ac Gtr, Piano, Bells, Claps Only): 2:30

Success  - 1

Both .WAV and .MP3 files are included for each version!

Success  - 2

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