SUMO Reward Points is a Complete WooCommerce Loyalty Reward Points System and most comprehensive WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugin. Reward your Customers using Reward Points for Product Purchase, Writing Reviews, Sign up, Referrals, Social Promotion (Facebook like, Facebook share, Twitter tweet, Google+ share and VK.com) on your site etc. The earned Reward Points can be redeemed for future purchases. SUMO Reward Points offers the flexibility to offer reward points at Product Level, Category Level and Global Level. SUMO Reward Points supports simple, simple subscription, variable and variable subscription products. It supports Fixed Reward Points for Product purchase or Reward by Percentage of the Product Price. Coupon should be enabled in WooCommerce for SUMO Reward Points Plugin to work.

Reward Point Conversion Settings available for Earning Reward Points and Redeeming Reward Points. Also Maximum Redeeming Points in Cart can be set in the Settings Page. SUMO Reward Points is WPML Compatible and Translate Ready.

SUMO Reward Points - WooCommerce Reward System - 1


SUMO Reward Points - WooCommerce Reward System - 2


  • Complete Reward Points System
  • Built on Top of WooCommerce
  • Points with Expiry
  • Nominee Feature for Charity
  • Make your Customers loyal using SUMO Reward Points
  • Reward Points for Product Purchase, Signup, Writing Reviews, Referrals, Coupon Codes, Blog Post etc
  • Reward Points can set at Product Level, Category Level and Global Level
  • Reward Points for Social Promotion such as Facebook like, Facebook share, Twitter tweet and Google+ share
  • Social (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, VK.com) Share for Referral Links
  • Update SUMO Reward Points Options in Product Level/Category Level for Existing Product/Category
  • Encashing Reward Points
  • Buying Reward Points
  • Member can Send Points to other Members
  • Member Level Feature
  • Strictly Point Pricing
  • Reward Points Payment Gateway
  • Redeem Points Option on Checkout Page
  • Exclude Products/Categories from Redeeming Points
  • Include Products/Categories which when added to Cart only Redeeming Points can be done
  • Refer a Friend feature to promote Referrals
  • Gift Vouchers with Reward Points
  • Bulk Gift Voucher Creation
  • Reward Points for Payment Gateways
  • Point Conversion Rate can be set
  • Minimum Points for First time redeeming
  • Minimum Points Balance for redeeming
  • Minimum Cart Total for redeeming
  • Maximum Points for Redeeming on Cart can be set
  • Maximum Discount for Reward Points Gateway
  • Hide Apply Coupon Form in Cart Page
  • Shortcodes Supported
  • Import/Export Users and Reward Points in CSV
  • Restrict/Ban Users from Earning and Redeeming Points by User Role/Individual Members
  • Referral Reward should be applied when Members are x Days Old
  • Username or User Id as Referral Key
  • SMS Notification using Twilio or Nexmo
  • API support for Developers
  • Extensive Customization Options
  • Translation Ready
  • WPML, WPML String Translation and WooCommerce Multilingual Compatible – Please note you need all these 3 Plugins for Multi Language Mails to work
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Booking Plugin Version 1.4.2
  • Compatible with Dynamic Pricing Plugin
  • and more

SUMO Reward Points - WooCommerce Reward System - 3

Compatible With

SUMO Reward Points is Compatible with

1. SUMO Subscriptions – WooCommerce Subscription System

2. SUMO Memberships – WooCommerce Membership System

3. SUMO Donations – WooCommerce Donation System

4. SUMO Dynamic Pricing Discounts – WooCommerce Discount System

5. WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

6. SUMO WooCommerce Payment Plans and Deposits

7. SUMO WooCommerce Waitlist

8. SUMO WooCommerce Custom Registration Fields

9. SUMO Affiliates Pro – WordPress Affiliate Plugin

What Users Say?

SUMO Reward Points - WooCommerce Reward System - 4

How to Install SUMO Reward Points?

1. Download the file (sumorewardpoints.zip) of SUMO Reward Points from Codecanyon.
2. Unzip sumorewardpoints.zip inside which you will find the Plugins files i.e. rewardsystem.zip.
3. Install SUMO Reward Points i.e. rewardsystem.zip using WordPress Dashboard.
4. Activate the Plugin.

How to Upgrade to a newer version of SUMO Reward Points?

Please always test the new version in a testing site before you upgrade to the new version in your live site.

If you are using an older version and want to upgrade to the latest version of SUMO Reward Points then please do the following steps.

1. Deactivate and Delete the existing version of SUMO Reward Points in your site.
2. Download the latest version file (sumorewardpoints.zip) of SUMO Reward Points from Codecanyon.
3. Unzip sumorewardpoints.zip inside which you will find the Plugins files i.e. rewardsystem.zip.
4. Install the latest version of SUMO Reward Points i.e. rewardsystem.zip using WordPress Dashboard.
5. Activate the Plugin.

Please note you will not lose any settings values, data etc by following the above steps.

Before Upgrading to v10.0 from Older Versions(8.x and lower)

Please note the code is completely revamped in v10.0 for supporting Points with Expiry. Please make sure you test it in local server/dummy site before upgrading to v10.0 from Older Versions(8.x and lower) in your live site.

SUMO Reward Points - WooCommerce Reward System - 5


Please check the documentation as we have lots of information there. The documentation file can be found inside the documentation folder which you will find when you unzip the downloaded zip file.

For support, feature request or any help, please register and open a support ticket on our site.


Version 24.6 on 26 March 2020
New: Added Email Heading field for "Refer a Friend Form" Email
New: Added the customizable field to display the message while hovering on Generate Referral Link button at frontend
New: Added "Expiry Date" column in "User Reward Points" Log at the backend
Tweak: POT File Updated
Fix: Sorting is not properly working in "User Reward Points" Log at the backend
Fix: Footer details are not displaying in the "Refer a Friend" email
Fix: [offer_name] shortcode is not working in the "Point URL" Module
Fix: Option to display the "My Nominee" field at "My Reward" menu at the frontend is not working

Version 24.5 on 10 March 2020
New: Option for users to check their earned and redeemed points based on specific days/month under Rewards Table
New: Option to display the "Refer a friend form" in "My Rewards" menu
New: Option to display the earn points message for "Out of Stock Products" in Custom Page
Tweak: Translation Compatibility with Loco Translate Plugin
Tweak: Improvement in displaying the total expired points value in the "User Reward Points Tab" at admin panel
Tweak: POT File Update
Fix: Order Status Text is not translatable using this shortcode [rs_order_status]
Fix: Unsubscribe Email Link is not displaying in My Account Page
Fix: Fatal error throws in the background process on updating from the lower version[below 18.0] to the higher version
Fix: Slowness issue in "Action Reward Points Module"[WooCommerce Coupon Usage Settings]
Fix: Gift Icon upload option is not working
Fix: Shortcode [next_level_name] displays the first level name
Fix: "Free Product should be added to the user automatically" option is not working
Fix: Page Slowness Issue for guest users on cart page[Conflict when using [totalrewards] shortcode and when the first purchase points option is enabled]
Fix: Fatal error throws at checkout when the default value is not set under product purchase points restriction for a specific payment gateway option
Fix: Extra Space on Shop page when Point Pricing Global Level Settings is disabled
Fix: Auto Redeeming not working properly while using the "Order Again" button under My Account -> View Order Page
Fix: Following changes made in Referral System
- Referrer and Buyer are not linking automatically under "Manual Referral Link" Section at the backend
- Referral Account Signup Points are not awarding to Referrer[Conflict with "Referral First Purchase" Option]
- Entries are not displaying in Referral Reward Table at the backend

Version 24.4 on 03 February 2020
New: Added an option to calculate the referral reward points based on the discount made by the referred person
New: Added a Troubleshoot option to display earn points for a variation on product page[Theme Compatibility]
Tweak: POT File Updated
Tweak: Displaying the points using the below shortcodes for guest users [rs_total_earned_points_by_all_users]
Fix: Unable to place the order when points have been redeemed[Conflict with WC v3.9.0]
Fix: Delete Cookie After X Number of Purchase(s) option is not working
Fix: Issue in displaying the Currency and Point Price type for variable product
Fix: Blank Notice displays at checkout after selecting the Payment Gateway[Conflict with Action Reward Points Module]
Fix: Unable to get the same free product configured for upcoming rules
Fix: Incorrect earning points displays for default variation on shop and product page for variable product
Fix: Select Users filter is not working properly under Add/Remove Reward Points Tab
Fix: Points are deducted without tax using reward points payment gateway
Fix: Date selection in the Reports Module is not working
Fix: Cookie is not set on the browser when accessing referral link based on User ID

Version 24.3 on 27 December 2019
New: Added shortcode [gatewaypoints] to display payment gateway points at checkout in the gateway description area
Tweak: Extended the option to restrict product purchase points for the selected payment gateways
Fix: Incorrect points being redeemed based on Redeeming Points Conversion Settings[Configuring currency value more than points ex.1 point = $2]
Fix: Empty notification shows in cart & checkout when Redeeming Restriction Message for Point Priced Products is set to be hidden
Fix: Hiding the point price range in product page when the same point price is configured for all variations
Fix: Currency value is not displaying at cart & checkout for Currency & Point Pricing type configured as "based on conversion" 
Fix: Points for FB Like icon[custom button] is not awarding when displaying in a popup

Version 24.2 on 04 December 2019
New: Added the customizable field for Auto Redeem Points Success Message
New : Added the following Shortcodes,[rs_overall_total_earned_points_by_users][rs_overall_total_available_points_by_users]
Tweak : Improvement made for the below deprecated hook and function[WC 3.7.0]
- 'woocommerce_before_cart_item_quantity_zero' hook
- Supported get_coupon_codes function
Tweak: Improvement made for registered users in the Referral System and compatible with SUMO Discounts Plugin
Tweak: Validation made in SUMO Reward Points Payment Gateway[Compatible with YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Premium plugin]
Fix: Points equivalent dollar value varies based on the redeeming conversion and the thousand separator value is given as '.' in WooCommerce Settings
Fix: WooCommerce Custom Fee and Tax is not calculated properly using  
SUMO Reward Points Payment Gateway
Fix: Coupon name is not displayed for Guest users when WooCommerce coupon is applied in the Cart/Checkout page
Fix: Removed duplicate queries running for variable products at the product page
Fix: Getting Referred Signup Points not awarded when Getting Referred Points to be awarded after the first purchase option is enabled

Version 24.1 on 15 November 2019
New: Added the following options in "Refer a Friend Form" under Referral System
-  Email Subject Type as Editable/Non-Editable
- Prefilled Text for Email Subject
Tweak: Alert messages displays in "Cashback Form" while loading the page
Tweak: For Security Purpose User Email ID is validated on the coupon created at WooCommerce Coupons section when points are redeemed at cart/checkout
Fix: Bulk Update Settings in Point Price Module is not working properly
Fix: Password field is not displayed at the checkout when Force Guest to Create an Account option is enabled at Product Purchase Module
Fix: Product Purchase Points displays at edit order page when preventing first product purchase points is enabled[Action Reward Points Module]
Fix: Earn Points Message displays at the Cart, Checkout and Thank You Page when earning points restricted if points/coupon is used in the order
Fix: Hiding Product Review Earn Points Message on Product Page when product review points have already earned for the product
Fix: Purchased Product Download link is not displaying for Guest users at Thank You Page
Fix: Footable.js error throws in the console at frontend using Flatsome Theme
Fix: WooCommerce Coupon Discount and Redeeming Points Discount are not displaying separately in PDF Invoices[Using "WooCommerce Germanized" Pro Plugin]
Fix: First Product Purchase Reward Points restriction option given in the Action Reward Points Module works when the module is turned off
Fix: Advanced Setup in Referral Product Purchase Reward Points are not working for Variable products[Referral System Module]
Fix: Decimal Values are not taken for Send Points Module
Fix: Fatal Error throws at frontend when product purchase earn points are restricted for sale priced product option is enabled[Product Purchase Module]

Version 24.0 on 22 October 2019
Tweak: Span tag is given for Earn Points Message for Related Products in Single Product Page
Fix: S.No column is not getting hidden in "My Rewards Table" 
Fix: jQuery UI file conflict with WP editor in "Email and Point Expiry Email Module" 
Fix: Tax cost not calculated for "Only Point Price Products" at Thank You Page[Displaying Issue]
Fix: Blog Post Earn Points Notification is displaying multiple times at frontend[Conflict with Yoast SEO plugin]
Fix: Non-Numeric Error at backend[User Reward Log and Master Log]
Fix: Database error 'rs_templates_email' on the backend[Conflict when WPML plugins activated]
Fix: Following shortcodes are not working in Referral Emails [rs_referrer_first_name] ,[rs_referrer_last_name],  [rs_referrer_email_id]
Fix: "Admin Name and Email ID" displays in Refer a Friend Email instead of "From Name and Email ID" 

Version 23.9 on 01 October 2019
New: Added filter to award points for commenting through custom post type
Tweak: Improvement in sharing the page/post/product on FB using a custom button
Tweak: Improvement in updating the points through Add/Remove Reward Points Tab
Tweak: POT Updated
Fix: Custom CSS settings for Checkout is not working
Fix: Points redeemed in the order are not adding back to account when the order gets canceled
Fix: Displaying of product purchase reward points for sale price products[Variable Product] at frontend
Fix: JS error throws in the console at frontend when Instagram Icon is enabled[Native Button]
Fix: My Account link is not displaying as a link when updating the quantity
Fix: Date column in "User Reward Points" Tab not showing the configured timezone
Fix: Under Manual Referral Link process,
   - Referrer Name is not displaying in WooCommerce Order at admin-end
   - Referral Reward Points Notification is not displaying at buyer end
Fix: Reward Points common notification is not displaying in cart and checkout for guest users
Fix: JS Error at Console[Footable() is not a function] on front end pages
Fix: Warning error throws in cart and checkout page when Earning Percentage based on User role set as '0' and coupon/points used in the order

Version 23.8 on 10 September 2019
New: Added "Points that can be earned" Message to display Before/After Cart total in Cart and Checkout Page
New: Added Enqueue and Dequeue Footable JQuery option in Advanced Settings
Tweak: Removed unsubscribe email content displaying in WooCommerce Emails
Tweak: Added filter to display the additional message in Redeeming Notice in cart and checkout page
Tweak: Removed this message "Actual Points which can be Redeemed may differ based on Tax Configuration" shows for Guest users
Fix: Notice message displays under 'Referral Table' in the My Rewards Points Menu
Fix: Unable to switch the payment gateway at checkout as a guest user when Action Reward Points Module is turned on
Fix: JS error in console when Instagram Profile Name and Vk Like AppId field is left empty
Fix: Sending email notification to users when admin manually adding the points without selecting the email notification
Fix: Assigning referral product purchase points through Category Level
Fix: Js file is not enqueued when the tab is set as the default menu
Fix: Points earning notification is displaying in the Checkout page when it is set to hide
Fix: Total Earned and Available Points Query occurs several times on page load at frontend
Fix: Email Cron name 'rscronjob' is being set when Email Module is turned off
Fix: Total Points Calculation Issue while manually adding and removing points
Fix: Unable to receive the Email Notification for Account Signup Points

Version 23.7 on 21 August 2019
Tweak: Improvement in restricting the users from earning and redeeming points
Tweak: Redirect to My Account dashboard whey banned users manually enter the reward menu URL
Tweak: Validation when the value didn't set in this option[Maximum Redeeming Threshold Percentage for Auto Redeeming] under Redeeming Restriction Settings
Fix: Account Signup Points are not awarding
Fix: Under Referral System,
      - A cookie is not being set on the referred person's browser while coming to the site using the referral link
      - Entries for referral points are not recorded in the Referral Table[Both Frontend and Backend]
      - Referral Product Purchase Points information are not displaying at a referred person side
Fix: Fatal error at backend while manually creating the order for guest users
Fix: Enqueued the CSS and Script loading in Header and Footer based on  
the option configured in Advanced Tab
Fix: JS error in the console related to Social Reward Actions

Version 23.6 on 08 August 2019
New: Added filter to display the content in "My Rewards Table" 
Tweak: WooCommerce Email Template control given to the email notifications sending through Add/Remove Reward Points Tab
Tweak: Reduced the CSS scripts loading on each page
Fix: Settings displaying in "My Rewards Menu" is getting hidden when hiding the settings displaying in "My Account Dashboard" 
Fix: Except first variation all other variation earn points are not displaying for guest users in Variable Products
Fix: Product name is not displaying at checkout when our plugin is activated[Conflict with when Free Products are not configured in "Reward Points Earning Percentage based on Earned Points" settings]
Fix: Ajax errors on checkout while checking as guest users

Version 23.5 on 22 July 2019
New: Added an option to hide the time displaying next to the earned date and expiry date in My Rewards Table
Tweak: Displaying "Redeeming Points Value[discount]" row above cart total in Order Detail Page
Fix: Product Purchase Earn Points calculation issue based on sale priced product
Fix: Issue in Auto Redeeming while using Maximum Redeeming Threshold Value (Discount) for Order option
Fix: Removing discount row displaying in cart table when the minimum cart total to apply points hasn't reached
Fix: Birthday Reward Points awarding twice when the current date is selected as birth date and repeat option is set as "No" 
Fix: Email Notification sending twice for Birthday Reward Points action
Fix: Yoast SEO admin panel button color changed when our plugin is activated
Fix: Cannot add a rule in  Custom Registration Field Settings displays under Action Reward Points Module
Fix: Earning Points restriction is not working based on the compatible given with SUMO Memberships Plugin
Fix: Alert message display after applying the points when restricting to apply points on sale price product option is configured
Fix: Currency symbol position for points equivalent value is not working  in My Rewards Table and displaying using shortcode
Fix: Warning Message[Non-numeric error] displays in My Rewards Table[Conflict with PHP version above 7]

Version 23.4 on 03 July 2019
New: Added an option to display the product purchase earn points message before or after the product price in shop page for variable product
New: Added an option to display the messages displaying in the product page at different positions
New: Displaying Earn Points Message on the page creating using "Perfect WooCommerce Brands" plugin
New: Added a troubleshoot referral link landing page hook to call in WP/WP Head
Tweak: Displaying "Referral Link" in email notification based on option configured in Referral System Module
Tweak: "Referral Name" is added as a new menu in Woocommerce Order Section
Fix: Email notification based on Cron Job is being sent along with Earning and Redeeming Points Email notification
Fix: Blog Post Creation Points awarding while redeeming the points in order
Fix: WooCommerce Coupon Code Reward Points not properly working
Fix: Maximum Redeeming Threshold Type is not working properly based on Redeeming Conversion Settings
Fix: Unable to receive the email notification when manually adding/removing the points as a bulk action
Fix: [pointvalue] shortcode display issue in Cart and Checkout
Fix: "View Cart" message not displaying for guest user
Fix: Earn points is not getting round off in related product section under the variable product in the product page
Fix: Product Purchase Reward Points not awarding properly(conflict with "Prevent Product Purchase Reward Points for First Purchase option" option configured in "Action Reward Points" Module)
Fix: Redeemed points in the order are not adding back to the account when using "WooCommerce Smart Reminder Emails" plugin
Fix: Footable is not working for rank-based points shortcode
Fix: Issue fixed related to the shortcodes
Fix: Reward Points Earning Percentage based on Purchase History is not working properly(when configuring "Before reaching specified value" option)
Fix: Undefined error in the error log
Fix: Editor tool present in beaver builder plugin is not working
Fix: Entry being recorded in My Rewards Table when the referral product purchase reward points are disabled

Version 23.3 on 10 June 2019
Tweak: Added a shortcode description for Signup Points and Login Points 
Tweak: Control given to display the value of this shortcode [totalrewards] for guest users notification at cart and checkout 
Fix: Fatal error at product purchase module when bulk updating using category option 
Fix: Product purchase reward points values are not saving in Category[Always set as 1] 
Fix: Auto Redeeming is not working properly 
Fix: Fatal error at WC order at admin end while updating an order status 
Fix: Social icons displaying twice on post and page 
Fix: Redeeming Points Field is not displaying at checkout after applied points have been removed 
Fix: My Rewards Notification is not displaying in the checkout when hiding in the cart 
Fix: CSS breaks in the page and post due to the shortcodes used in Social Reward Points Module 
Fix: Option to hide the redeeming field at checkout is not working 
Fix: Unable to redeem when the "Maximum Redeeming Threshold Value (Discount) Type" option is configured Fix: Following issues can be a conflict some themes, 
i) Alignment issue in My-account page based on My Reward Table, Generate Referral Link Table and Referral Table 
ii) Shortcodes for following actions are not working, 
- User Available Points - First Purchase Points 
- Complete this Purchase and Earn x points 
- Refer a Friend Form 
- Send Points Form 
iii) Header breaks using this shortcode [rs_list_enable_options] 
Fix: Option to hide the blog post comment message is not working

Version 23.2 on 25 May 2019
Tweak: Control is given to show the value for this shortcode{site_referral_url} in Email Notification
Fix: Points redeemed in the order are not deducted from the account when the order status directly goes to processing[Conflict with Mollie Payment Gateway]
Fix: Settings saved in the following modules are not updated properly after upgrading the plugin,
- Product Purchase
- Referral System
- Social Reward System
- Points Price
Fix: All modules are enabled after upgrading the plugin
Fix: Unable to receive an email notification when email to send  based on the "Cron Job" option is selected

Version 23.1 on 24 May 2019
Tweak: Improvement in Refer a Friend Form["Mail Sent Successfully" message is not displaying without reloading] 
Tweak: "Redeemed Points Value" text to be translatable in the invoice 
Tweak: PO File Updated Fix: Typo error displays in Console[GET /rewardsystem/includes/frontend/js/modules/fp-productpurcahse-frontend.js net::ERR_ABORTED 404 (Not Found)] 
Fix: js files related to social actions are loading in the pages when the Social Reward Points Module is not activated 
Fix: "Purchase this Product and Earn x Points" message is displaying in cart and checkout when the option is set to hide

Version 23.0 on 22 May 2019
New: Major Code Revamp for Performance
New: SMS notification for Account Signup, Referral Account Signup, Product Review, Referral Product Purchase
New: Added option to calculate product purchase earn points without tax
New: Added an option to display product purchase earn points based on cart total message for guest user in the product page
New: Added Reward points as a custom menu in WooCommerce endpoint at admin end
New: Added the Dequeue Google reCaptcha Library option in Troubleshoot Settings
New: Added Buying Reward Points Feature as a separate Module
Tweak: Improvement in SUMO Discounts Compatibility[Layout Improvement]
Fix: Points not getting round off in Related Products Section and Featured Products Section
Fix: Incorrect points being awarded to the order when points used in the order[Conflict with earn points to be calculated based on discounted price option and user role percentage configuration]
Fix: Fatal Error in the WooCommerce Order Page when changing the order status(occurs only when selecting exclude product in product purchase module)
Fix: Add to cart button also is hidden with Unit Price and Stock Status on Wishlist Page[Conflict with YITH Wishlist Plugin]
Fix: Issue in using FB Like Action with Custom Button
Fix: Shortcode for Payment Gateway and points assigned are not working
Fix: Product Purchase Earn Points are not awarding when using PayPal Payment Gateway
Fix: Notice message displaying in Report Module when exporting user points
Fix: Redeeming field display issue in the checkout page when applies referral discounts(Compatible with SUMO Discounts)
Fix: Redeem Points display issue in order invoice when making cart total based product purchase action
Fix: Displaying product total based earn points message in the related product when earning type is set as cart total
Fix: Redeeming Field in the checkout is not redeemable after removing the applied points
Fix: Fatal Error in Cart Page
Fix: Referral Product Purchase Points are not awarding to Referrer[Include Categories filter is not working]
Fix: Additional Fee is not calculating while using SUMO Reward Points Payment Gateway in the order
Fix: Buying Reward Points are not getting revised based on the Order Status Settings
Fix: Displaying issue[User Role Percentage value not calculated] in Referral Table at Frontend

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