This plugin gives you all the controls for any post queries, for any post type and any other extended options for displaying
your very important post, recent, popular sticky, related or custom query posts based on powerfull WP Query.
Can be used to display spesific post from categories or post tags or another taxonomies, portfolios, etc. Build with shortcode editor
for generating the shortcode easily and display it in the content section. Showing the posts in a sidebar becomes very easy with a powerfull widget.
Widgets come with highly-customizable control panels, easy to use and support multiwidget even in the same sidebar.

New features:

Key Features & options

Post Queries
    – Most commented post
    – Related post, for your single post view
    – Recent post
    – Stick
    – Multi-tag based
    – Multi-category based
    – Taxonomy based show your latest, popular, related portfolios or another post type? No problem!
    – Advanced custom query using WP Query

Post utility, rating and likes and easy post share via Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Email with counter.
Time based post selection
Post type(s) for custom query.
Post status retrieves posts by post status: publish, pending, draft, auto-draft, future, private, inherit, trash or any.
Post in retrieves posts by spesific ID.
Pagination display posts per page or load more post via ajax.
Search query string.
Post term(s) for all registered taxonomy.
Date format defaults to the date format configured in your WordPress options. See Formatting Date and Time and the date format page on the php web site
Comments display or hide the comments number with custom icon.
Custom icon for post date and author.
Thumbnail height & width. Show or hide post thumbnail.
No thumbnail image an option for using additional image for no post thumbnail.
Email sharing share post via email.
Social sharing share oist popular social sites like facebook, twitter etc.
Template styles comes with 3 predefined template styles.
Authors include several authors for post query.
Offset the number of post to displace or pass over.
Excerpt by total characters or words lenght and link to the post.
Intro & Outro text, if you want to add additional text or HTML.
Custom Style & Script if you want to add additional CSS style or javascript per widget ID.

Changes Log

2.0.7 – 24 August 2015
– Update WP Widget

2.0.6 – 29 April 2015
– Security updated
– Improved rate function.
– Added taxonomy operator IN, NOT IN and AND.
– Fixed share button from displaying in post archive.
– Added current author posts option.
– Added custom thumbnail link filters.
– Added author__in and author__not_in parameter
– Added advanced taxonomy query
– Added advanced date query, date after and before
– Fixed Oembed for full content
– Fixed author__in and anuthor__not_in

2.0.5 – 29 April 2014
– Fix post__in
– Fix shortcode title
– Full and <!more> content display added
– Show empty terms option added
– Filters for wrapper opening and closing HTML added
– Filters for post list added
– Added thumbnail filter

2.0.4 – 19 December 2013
– Uninstall function added
– Hide title and title trim length added
– Post category/term category separtor, and category icon added
– Quicktags added
– Custom post author, category, date icon fixed.
– Timthumb removal
2.0.3 – 9 August 2013
– Meta query for taxonomy selection added.
– Default style for ul tag added.
– Intro, outro and custom style for shortcode added.
– Nofollow link rel for widget search added.
– jQuery deprecated functions removed.
2.0.2 – 15 July 2013
– Excerpt by characters added.
– Include authors parameter added.
– Post offset added.
– Rating position.

2.0.1 – 25 June 2013
– Script update to support PHP version < 5.3+
2.0.0 – 30 May 2013
– Most viewed, voted, rated, mailed, and liked post query added.
– Pagination range added.
– Remove post without thumbnail option added.
– Fix share script in archive page.
– Fix utility if none of post type selected.
– Fix uninitialized string offset for meta likes, rates and views.
– Fix if no post title.
1.5 – 20 March 13
– Post views, rating and likes added
– Custom script and style for each post and global added
– Post share via facebook, twitter, google plus and mass email added
– Shortcode & PHP function added for widget.
1.4 – 25 February 2013
– Post author link added
– Fix shortcode for comment and date
1.3 – 30 November 2012
– Adding widget remove button for post icon and addtional class for no icon
1.2 – 15 October 2012
– Adding widget
– Adding sticky post queries
– Adding date and comment icon options
– Adding optional thumbnail
– Adding 3 templates style
– Adding post excerpt options
– Updating Timthumb
1.0 – Initial Release

Support and Features Request

This plugin does not match to your site style? Is this script not quite working as it should?
Having trouble installing? Or need some custom modifications that aren’t already included?
Or you want more features on next release? Feel free to get in touch about any of your queries via profile page.
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