Tags add-on for UserPro - 1

Note: This is an addon. You must have at least UserPro V2.63 or higher to use it.

Tags add-on for UserPro - 2
Tags add-on for UserPro - 3  From backend admin can add tags field anywhere in the ‘Registration Form’ or ‘Edit Profile’ section.
Tags add-on for UserPro - 4  Users can select the tags created by Admin, on their profile or while registering.
Tags add-on for UserPro - 5  When the tag is hovered over, a description can be dispalyed on the user’s profile. This description is optional.
Tags add-on for UserPro - 6  Tags can be displayed on profile form in main profile area or in profile header area.
Tags add-on for UserPro - 7  Allows members to see all users on the member directory when they click on a tag.
Tags add-on for UserPro - 8  Admin can limit the number of tags allowed for the users.

Tagging is a way by which you can group or classify the users in your member directory.

With UserPro Tags addon, users can add a tag to their profile. Users can thus identify similar people under the same tag. For instance, all marketers can be grouped under the ‘Marketing’ tag.


   Version 1.2 ( 15 June 2016)
 - Enhancement : Added Tags Filter in Members Directory (Use tags_filter=1 parameter in the Members Directory shortcode)

Version 1.1 ( 31 May 2016)
 - Enhancement : Administrators can now limit the number of tags allowed for the users

Version 1.0 ( 21 Feb 2016)
 - Initial verision of Tags addon for userpro



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