The most powerful popups & flyouts creator with built-in email marketing forms

This plugin is a powerhouse for the creation of any amount of any kind of popups AND flyout panels! Place them wherever you want on your WordPress site, position them how you want, trigger on anything, style how you want!!!

Main features of Ultimate Modal Windows

  • Create any kind of popups & flyouts with a powerful editor
  • Style them how you want
  • Place them anywhere
  • Trigger on anything
  • Insert any content
  • Collect emails & other data with the built-in form
  • Collect emails with the built-in opt-in locker
  • Send out emails with the built-in opt-in locker
  • Email management system: manage all emails in one place, export as needed
  • Integrations with email services: MailChimp, AWeber, ActiveCampaign,SendinBlue,GetResponse

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side menu plugin is recommended with the ultimate modal windows wordpress popup plugin

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What can you use the Ultimate Modal Windows plugin for?

Grow your email list
Use modal windows to gather emails with various tactics.
Use the built-in opt-in form
Use the built-in opt-in locker. Lure users to submit their email by providing a candy. Send them that candy directly to the email.
You could offer users free content, free products, free samples, discount codes, etc!

Turn your abandoning users into customers
Use the Exit intent popups: show offers at the precise moment when visitors are about to leave your website.
Exit intent also works well with classic opt-in tactic.

Boost visitor engagement on website
Use modal windows in conjunction with the Side Menu plugin to provide extra content and functionality for users to engage with.
Give users something else to do by showing a popup when they reach certain parts of the page.
Time modal windows to show up at the best moments to keep the users engaged with your content, offers and functionality.
Or simply use modal windows to display any content on your website: images, articles, videos, etc!

Gather information from users
Gather feedback by using the built-in forms or by inserting your own.
Run surveys by using the built-in form or by inserting your own.
Insert anything else in the popup to gather any kind of information.

Setup online order forms, price calculators & other interactive widgets
Use plugins like Ulti Forms Form Builder to let users estimate a price for your product or service.

Set up a phone call request
Enable the phone field and easily setup a ‘Request a phone call’ popup. Call back the customers who do not want to make calls by themselves and make sales!

All features

Powerful Editor
Create any kind of modal windows with ease. Lots of styling options. Lots of delay options. Lots of settings.

Powerful Styling
Change colors of almost anything. Tweak transparency. Change border-radius. Change positioning. Change overlay color and transparency. Tweak things to match your website design and your taste.

Powerful Placing. Page-level control.
In addition to inserting shortcodes, you can easily place the popup to the whole website, only posts, only pages, only certain pages or only certain posts, all posts except specified ones or all pages except specified ones. You can have not just one popup, but multiple popups on one page.

Not Only Popups, But Also Flyouts!
UMW plugin is a powerful tool for creation of flyout panels, as well. They are also known as slideout panels. Place them anywhere on the page. Make them slide from any side. Trigger on anything, just like with popups!

Trigger the modal window on:

  • On a link by adding an id
  • On a link by adding an anchor link (great solution for themes, in which it’s impossible to insert an id for a link)
  • Opening the page
  • Scrolling the page
  • Exit intent (when the user tries to navigate away from the page — moves the cursor away from your page and tries to close or switch tabs)
  • Via built-in fixed buttons
  • Via a side menu (requires the Side Menu plugin)

Built-in forms. Enable, as needed:

  • Email field
  • Name field
  • Phone field
  • Comment field
  • Enable or disable the fields, as you need
  • Style the form, as you want
  • All the data is sent to the email you specify
  • Confirmation message
  • Error message
  • Enable automatic form closing after sending the data
  • You can have different form settings per each popup. For example, you can send the gathered data from different popups to different emails

Control the timing:

  • Delay the modal window show up.
  • Set animation duration.
  • Delay the close button show up.
  • Delay the form closing after sending.

Control with cookies ans show a modal window to a certain user:

  • All the time
  • Only once
  • Show again after the number of days you specify

Built-in opt-In locker:
Enable the built-in opt-in locker to grow your email list. Specify the text to be sent to the email the user submits.

Easily duplicate modal windows:
If you are creating a lot of similar popups with lots of settings, this features comes in very handy

Mobile optimized:
Popups are adaptive and look great on tablets and smartphones.

Email Management
Save all emails from any modal window and easily manage them in one single place

Email Export
Export to csv, xlsx or simply copy to clipboard with just one click

Integrated with Mailchimp and GetResponse. Automatically save users’ names and emails to your Mailchimp and GetResponse lists.

Image backgrounds:
Insert links to your images to have them as your popup’s background

Close on overlay & Esc button
Enable or disable closing the popup by clicking on overlay or pressing an escape button.

Insert any content:

  • HTML Text
  • Banner Ads
  • Image or Image Gallery
  • Video or Video Gallery
  • Audio or Audio Gallery
  • Pdf viewer
  • Iframe Content
  • Forms
  • SlideShare Content
  • and other media

Modal windows can be used for:

  • Email opt-ins
  • Advertisements
  • Contact forms
  • Disclaimer contents
  • Notifications
  • Alert messages
  • Product description
  • Work portfolio
  • Product images
  • Google maps
  • Notices
  • Other information

Constantly Evolving
We are listening to your feedback and add features regularly! Let us know what else you would like to have in this plugin.

We are supporting our customers with great care and urgency. When you encounter a problem, we are eager to help.
Feel free to ask your pre-sale questions, as well.


This plugin requires an easy verification. See how to verify it.

Update log

Version 3.1 | 11 Dec 2016

  • Email management system added: manage all emails from all modal windows in one single place.
  • Emails export added
  • Mailchimp integration added
  • GetResponse integration added

we provide high quality support for our wordpress plugins and any other items
voted the most flexible and one of the most robust wordpress popup plugins on the market


= Version 4.4 =
- Added: Shortcode for iframe 
= Version 4.3 =
- Added: Live Preview Builder
- Added: Vimeo support
- Added: Shortcode for buttons
- Added: Redirect after close the modal window
- Added: Modal Window Schedule
- Added: Test mode
- Added: Activate/Deactvate the modal window
- Changed: Admin style
- Optimized: scripts and styles
Version 4.1.2
  • Fixed: generate sript.php

Version 4.1

  • Added: Hide a close button for a modal window
  • Added: the function for autoclose a modal window
  • Added: opening a modal window on right click of the mouse
  • Added: opening a modal window on selected text
  • Added: Rotate icon for a modal window button
  • Optimized: style and scripts
  • Fixed: show a modal window on the devices
  • Fixed: conflict with animated
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