Video Intro for WordPress allows you to show a video presentation before your visitors get into the main content of your website.

It comes with a lot of friendly options:

  • Auto redirect after video ends. Don’t let your visitors thinking if they really want to get into your website when the introduction ends: redirect them directly to the page you want.
  • Skip Intro button. Don’t let your anxious visitors waiting to see what comes next: give them the opportunity to skip your advertising or favorite video and get into the content.
  • Custom frame border. Your website deserve some polishment.
  • Unlimited styles and colors. Make your website look more personal.
  • Responsive. And mobile compatible.
  • Custom logo. Brand your video.
  • Bottom text areas. Use this space to write a copyright, show your social networks or anything you want. It?s up to your creativity.
  • Self-hosted or YouTube videos. You can show your own self-hosted intro or a YouTube embedded video.


Videos by LOCUS


 * Video Intro for WordPress 
 * v2.0.8

v2.0.8 / July 26, 2015
- Fixed: YouTube API HTTPS compatibility
- Fixed: HTTPS 443 port compatibility
- Added: option to not display video intro on mobile devices

v2.0.7 / May 27, 2015
- Added: option to turn off admin email notifications

v2.0.6 / December 9, 2014
- Fixed: "got_mod_rewrite()" bug

v2.0.5 / November 27, 2014
- Improved: prevent conflict with older jQuery versions

v2.0.4 / November 21, 2014
- Fixed: feature "redirect after video end" was not working on IE
- Improved: better position of AJAX loading gif on mobile devices.

v2.0.3 / November 12, 2014
- Added: minified JS and CSS control via SCRIPT_DEBUG WordPress constant
- Improved: automatic .htaccess MIME Types configuration
- Fixed: Options Panel info messages

v2.0.2 / November 11, 2014
- Fixed: url comparison incompatibility with some server configurations
- Improved: strict code
- Improved: layout and usability for mobile browsers

v2.0.1 / October 30, 2014
- Fixed: styling CSS output
- Improved: URL helpers

v2.0 / October 29, 2014
- Changed: redirect engine (Video page doesn't overwrite your Home page URL anymore)
- Added: crawler filter (search engine robots are not redirected)
- Fixed: "Skip Intro" button on mobile devices
- Fixed: blinking "Skip Intro" button
- Fixed: YouTube autoplay conflict on mobile devices

v1.1.4 / April 2, 2014
- Changed: YouTube video does not show related videos anymore.

v1.1.3 / March 18, 2014
- Changed: YouTube video does not show controls anymore.
- Fixed: YouTube video z-index conflict.

v1.1.2 / February 26, 2014
- Fixed: .htaccess warning bug.

v1.1.1 / February 25, 2014
- Fixed: YouTube video ID bug.

v1.1 / February 24, 2014
- Added: YouTube video support.

v1.0 / February 18, 2014
- First release.

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