Vimeo SEO user playlist html5, social icons and simple php Api for wordpress

Vimeo Playlist SEO with jQuery for WordPress allows you to turn an unordered list of Vimeo links into a video playlist. The php script makes the Vimeo list on a fly and uses the latest Simple Api.

You can choose to make a video playlist from a user with the following options.

videos ,likes ,appears_in ,all_videos ,subscriptions ,album, channel or group

compatible with jquery 1.9x and WP 3.8


There are many options which can be set in the php script and in the jQuery function.
Includes the new html5 player (iframe) if the browser supports html5.
This is the only vimeo script available with search engine optimalisation (SEO) Almost drag and drop.

A great future is that you will only have to set the width of the player and the height settings will be auto adjust

So no more messing with advanced css settings !

All settings are added which are possible with the Vimeo player and the simple api V2.

( more info about the simple API https://developer.vimeo.com/apis/simple )

Mobile phones

I made a small css hack to target mobile phones. Read the support page


http://www.template-responsive.nl/wpdemos/vimeo-playlist-normal/ (wordpress version)

http://www.cfcms.nl/vimeo/ (non wordpress version)

Key Features:

  • Easy to adapt in your wordpress site
  • All colors can be set in plain css
  • OOP based
  • SEO (search engine optimization) optimized. The biggest advantage over other full javascript or flash solutions is that the tiltles and descriptions from the video’s are placed into the source of the page so it can be retrieved by the search engines
  • All scripts are well documented and uses shortcodes
  • Works in all major browsers


Also a wordpress youtube version is available.



The simple API v2 can only retrieve 20 video’s


UPDATE 05-jun-2018:

Updated the vimeo player api

UPDATE 11-aug-2015:

Updated Froogaloop so the slideshow is working again

version 5.0

UPDATE 12-apr-2015:

Updated the core css file

UPDATE 26-may-2015:

Solved php Strict errors

UPDATE 15-jul-2013:

Choose title and description output in php. Default is title all uppercase and description first letter uppercase and the rest lowercase or false to use the original title and description from vimeo

version 4.0

UPDATE 19-may-2013:

Fixed social buttons appearing on startup movie and showing a thumb on facebook (update only the js file) (version 3.0)

UPDATE 22-sept-2012:

Small css updates

UPDATE 30-aug-2012:

You can now set a slideshow to play the whole playlist one after another

version 2.0

UPDATE 26-aug-2012:

Added more feed options (album, channel or group)

version 1.3

UPDATE 19-aug-2012:

Added an option to select how many playlist items will be visible (default 3)

version 1.2

UPDATE 15-aug-2012:

Updated to version 1.1. Added the scroll up playlist function and small css error



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