3508×2480 at 300 dpi

MASSIVE, beautiful and peaceful cloud background. Works great as a website background, artwork background, print, anything. Light on the eye. Every single layer used in creation is included – dig in and find out how it was made! Massive resolution of 3508×2480 at 300 dpi.
Use for print or web, find out how “pro’s” do it and create your own sky.
Have fun!


– Every single adjustable layer used in creation of the background included.
– Organized file
– Show or hide different layers for your own unique style
– Use as a website background, wallpaper, posters, brochures, magazine spreads, literally – anything!
– One click change between incorporated and just clouds version.

In your folder:

– Layered Photoshop file with all layers included, all objects on the background is a layer at full 300dpi.
– Preview in high res jpeg.
– Help and description file.

File structure:</4>

– Incorporated Group: turn this visible / invisible by clicking on the eye icon to choose between two versions of the background.



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